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5 Reasons to Book a Private Tour in Barcelona

by ElenaSergeeva

Barcelona tops the list of the best European cities to add to your bucket list. From architectural wonders, to sensational food, fantastic nightlife and fascinating history, your time spent here will be nothing short of amazing. To make the best of your trip to the capital of Catalonia, we give you 5 reasons to opt for a private tour Barcelona. Go on and discover our tips.    

5 Reasons to Book a Private Tour in Barcelona 

Experience the Barcelona you want to see 

Whether you are traveling solo, as a couple, family or with friends there are different sides of Barcelona which you can experience during your trip. Based on your preferences you can choose the experience that caters to your personal interests and needs.

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The beauty of booking a private tour in Barcelona is that you can personalise your visit. There are plenty of experiences to choose from: whether you wish to learning how to dance flamenco, visit local markets and master the art of cooking paella, explore the fascinating architecture or simply get the perfect Instagram photos, the choice of what you can discover in Barcelona is endless. The real side of Barcelona is only a click a way! You might also enjoy the Barcelona travel tips to make the most of your time in this fascinating city. 

Locals Tell the Best Stories 

We all agree that there isn’t a better way to experience a destination than through the eyes of a local. Locals will take you to places you can’t easily find yourself, they will share stories of what life is like in the city and the little secrets that will make your journey even more exciting. They will show you their unique version of Barcelona, the one that you cannot easily experience on your own.

Language Isn’t a Barrier 

When booking your Barcelona private tours there is a great chance that the local tour guide speaks your language, which makes your experience even more enticing.

At your own leisure you will easily be able to follow the conversation, ask questions and discover the fascinating history of Barcelona. When language isn’t a barrier the experience becomes more personal so when you leave Barcelona you will actually feel like you have not only seen the best of Barcelona but also created special memories with your local friends. 

Make the Most of Your Time 

Traveling to a new destination can be overwhelming, especially when you want to make the most of your time. Trying to locate the hidden gems of a city, to find the best places to dine and wine, the neighbourhoods to explore and sights worth visiting is a long process. Although there is a pool of information available online, the time allocated to trip planning can be quite intense. When going on a private tour, all the planning has been done by others, all you have to do is follow your guide. The local guides will take you to places safely, easily and conveniently thus you get to save your time on planning and research, leaving you with more time to actually enjoy your trip. 

Experience All Things Local 

If you do opt for a private tour, it is highly recommend that you take it as early as possible, at the beginning of your trip. Why? Well, because if you haven’t really done your research on the destination you have your local guide to ask all the questions you want.

They can recommend local restaurants and bars which are obviously much better than the typical tourist traps. They will know the places with the best city views and tapas.  If you wish to get a feel of what everyday life is like in Barcelona, perhaps a visit to a local neighbourhood market is something that you might like to do. Want to buy some unique local crafts, or see a concert or football match? Ask your local guide for all the tips and recommendations. And even if you consider yourself to be a trip planning pro, once in a while it is always great to follow someone else’s lead. There is something new to be discovered. 

Barcelona keeps on getting better everyday with new experiences to try, tastes to savour and architectural gems to discover. The number of private tours in Barcelona one can experience also increases. No trip can ever be the same as cool things are always happening in Barcelona. Have you been to this remarkable city? Let us know about your impressions in the comments below. 

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