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10 Amazing Places That You Can’t Miss in Jakarta! – Full 2024 Guide

by ElenaSergeeva

Jakarta is one of those cities which is completely mysterious to many. Although it is the capital of Indonesia, The Big Durian is often missed by tourists as they often choose to spend most of their time in Bali instead. This is a mistake in my opinion, as Jakarta offers a strong introduction into both the Indonesian culture and lifestyle that you couldn’t get anywhere else in the country.

You might be wondering why anyone would visit Jakarta, and that is a good assumption to have…

Well, besides all of the amazing shopping malls that sell premium brands such as Gandaria City or Mall Taman Anggrek, the city has some of the best nightlife that you can possibly find in southeast Asia. You can find practically everything in the city, and it also has spectacular tourist attractions which are suitable for trips with both family and friends.

If you are thinking about skipping Jakarta, make sure to think twice and read this post first on the 10 places that you need to visit in Jakarta.

10 Amazing Places That You Can’t Miss in Jakarta! – Full 2024 Guide


 Getting Around

1. Museum Nasional Indonesia

2. Chinatown

3. National Monument

4. Old Batavia of Dutch Indies

5. Wayang Museum

6. Wayang Puppet Studio (Makutharama Puppet Studio)

7. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

8. Museum Sejarah Kota Tua

9. Sunda Kelapa Harbor

10. See The Animals at Ragunan Zoo

Enjoy the Night life

Book a Group Tour



Getting Around

Jakarta offers a wide variety of transport options depending on your budget and how quickly you wish to get around the city. I was already used to ordering Gojek taxis from my time visiting Bali, so this was my preferred way to get around. They are also really easy to order too with the Gojek app that you can download on your phone.

Besides taking just taxi’s, there are plenty of other options such as:

TransJakarta Buses

TransJakarta are buses that are not only large and able to fit a lot of people in them, but they are also air-conditioned and fast. If you are a bus person, the TransJakarta is your go-to option as well as the dedicated bus lane that they drive in which makes the journey a lot faster.

In addition to this, everyone can use the free Wifi which is available while waiting for the bus too. This is because Wifi is open and available at all TransJakarta stations in the city.

Definitely a worthwhile bonus for all the bus fans out there!

Jakarta MRT

The Jakarta MRT is a great way of getting around the city, and it provides some truly stunning views at the same time. This train is not only a comfy form of transport, but it is also super fast allowing you to get to your destination much quicker than any other kind of train.

If you are in Jakarta for a long period of time, hopping on the MRT around the city is a must-do experience for the views and ease of travel. I would also go as far to say that it is the best type of train you can get inside of the capital.


Gojek’s are a smooth and easy option when it comes to getting around in Jakarta. 

Another app which is like Gojek is Grab which provides similar transport options in the form of motorbike taxis, and car taxis. The benefits that come with ordering from either of these apps is that they come directly to you.

This saves you having to hunt a taxi down the street and negotiate prices with the driver. Instead, the price will already show on your phone screen before it comes so you know exactly what you are getting.

1. Museum Nacional Indonesia

Opening Times: 8AM – 4PM
Entrance Fee: 10,000 IDR ($0.65)

As you might have guessed from the title, this is the national museum of Indonesia and it is the best place to learn about the history of the country. This stunning museum has a whopping 141,000 preserved objects, and there is much to feast your eyes on that you could easily spend 2-3 hours here in total.

When I arrived at this museum, I spent my time studying different pieces of art and statues which are displayed all around the museum grounds. Ones that stood out to me the most were the ceramics from Dan Dynasti Ming. These were used as a trade-off for spices in 1368 making them over 600 years old altogether!

There is so much to learn about Indonesian history by looking around this museum, and I would highly recommend it for any travelers who find themselves in the capital.

2. Chinatown

Jakarta’s Chinatown is very different from most other Chinatowns you will visit in capitals across the world. This is because it provides a direct and local experience due to the lack of tourist visitation. Of course, what comes with this are the rundown streets and pathways that are difficult to walk across.

However, I really enjoyed my time at the Chinatown and would still recommend it as a must-go for foodies. There are lots of tasty treats to pick up here, and the market is particularly good for fruit and vegetable fanatics. I stumbled across a fruit seller who sold pretty much every fruit you could ask for including mangoes, durians, watermelons and plenty of others.

There is also a wide array of meats for sale which is great for those long-term stays in the city.

3. National Monument

The National Monument in Jakarta is a true spectacle to be seen for its tremendous height and long history. This monument symbolizes the fight for Indonesia’s independence, and it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in city. What is most impressive about it isn’t just the fact it is 132 metres high, but it is even more stunning to see at night as it shines a bright purple and gold color.

It goes without saying that the National Monument is visited by millions around the world every year, and a trip to Jakarta isn’t quite complete without seeing it.

You can find the monument in central Jakarta, and it is just short of a 40-minute drive from Tanah Abang.

4. Old Batavia of Dutch Indies

Opening Times: 9AM – 4PM (Tues-Sunday)

Old Batavia is a key part of history in Indonesia as it represents the Dutch invasion of the area by Jan Pieterszoon Coen. Since it was burned down in 1619, the city has been revamped and restored for visitors so they can learn more about it and the surrounding areas.
I enjoyed walking around this part of Jakarta, and there is a clear European style which makes it unique and stylish. There are various rows of bikes you can find around the town which strongly resembles Amsterdam the last time I was there. 

If you enjoy old European cities, Old Batavia is the place for you to get nostalgic vibes while in Jakarta city.

Tip: For a lunch break stop at the beautiful colonial style Cafe Batavia to enjoy local Indonesian dishes and refreshing fruit juices.

5. Wayang Museum

Opening Times: 8AM – 3PM
Entrance Fee: 5,000 IDR ($0.33)

The Wayang Museum is a less commonly known, but fantastic museum to visit if you happen to be in Jakarta.

Why did I love it so much?

Well, this is a museum which is almost exclusively dedicated to puppets, and you can find in displays in all the different rooms of the building. This is particularly significant because puppets are a big part of Indonesian culture, and shadow puppet shows are watched all over the country on a regular basis.

Inside of this museum, you will find 4000 different puppets which are in a beautiful array of colors and shapes. I couldn’t help but admire the stunning little dresses and other types of clothing that the dolls have on here. It is also part of Old Batavia city too making it a perfect time to visit if you do happen to be in the old city.

6. Wayang Puppet Studio (Makutharama Puppet Studio)

Opening Times: 10AM – 5PM

When discussing memorable experiences I had in Jakarta, coming to the Wayang Puppet Studio was by far the most capturing. The studio is run by an amazing and talented man known as Aldy who has impressively been making puppets for over 40 years.

His chosen material for the puppets is ox skin to which he proceeds to paint intricate designs over the skin by hand. There are a countless number of beautifully created puppets that Aldy has inside of his small studio, and each of them stand out in their own unique way.

After showing us how he creates his puppets, Aldy proceeded to perform a puppet show for me and my friend which we really enjoyed. The show told the story of Rama, a legendary prince from the Indian city of Ayodhya who faced a lot of challenges throughout his life journey. The original puppet show is 9 hours long although for time’s sake, we watched a much shorter version of it.

The Makutharama Puppet Studio is a hidden gem is West Jakarta, and it was a big highlight of my one-day tour in the city. 

If you would like to spend some time with a real puppet master and learn more about authentic Indonesian culture, don’t forget to stop by here!

7. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

Opening Times: 7AM – 10PM
Entrance Fee: 30,000 IDR ($1.96)

As possibly the most popular tourist attraction in the entire city, Taman Mini Indonesia is a staple part of tourism in Jakarta and is a fascinating place where Indonesian history truly comes to life. This park consists of 26 different pavilions that each represent daily life in Indonesia as a whole.

For this reason, you could also label the park as a museum as it is both highly educational while being exciting to walk around and explore. There are so many wonderful sights to take in at this park that it is no wonder tourists flock here in their thousands. If you are a nature lover, feast your eyes on some of the incredible gardens here such as the Cactus Garden or the Orchid Garden.

Otherwise, you can also check out one of the 14 museums here including the fascinating Sports Museum or the Indonesian Komodo Reptile Park depending on what you are into.

Whatever you enjoy about Indonesian history, you are more than likely going to find it for the cheap price of 30,000 rupiah at Taman Mini Indonesia!

8. Museum Sejarah Kota Tua (Jakarta History Museum)

Opening Times: 9AM – 3PM (Tuesday to Sunday)
Entrance Fee: 5,000 IDR ($0.33)

The historical museum of Jakarta is housed in a formed city hall

Are you interested in knowing more about the history of Indonesia’s capital?

If so, Museum Sejarah Kota Tua is the place for you as it displays the entire development history of the city from beginning to end. One thing that really impressed me about this museum wasn’t just all the interesting displays when you enter, but the overall design of the building.

The building displays an eccentric pearl white color along with the bright orange colored roof. 

Inside, you will find over 23,000 artifacts in total which show an intriguing story of how the bustling capital came to be. I was particularly fascinated by the prison that is on the bottom floor of the museum.

This tells a lot about how criminal justice system in Indonesia was at the time by the inside conditions of the prison (which were far from a high standard).

9. Sunda Kelapa Harbor

Another essential part of Jakarta’s history is the Sunda Kelapa Harbor.

This pier is 500 years old and was an important trade hub for many years for importing goods into the city. Now it is mainly a tourist attraction where you can get some epic photos of the boats and surrounding areas. Many locals like to buy fresh seafood from closeby to the harbor too as it is fished and caught in the river nearby.

By far the best thing to do here is to see the wide display of boats that come in many different shapes and sizes. Many of them are still used today to catch fish, and the harbor is the perfect way of experiencing life through the eyes of the local people.

10. See the Animals at Ragunan Zoo

Opening Times: 7:30AM – 4PM (Tuesday to Sunday)
Entrance Fee: 4,000 IDR ($0.26)

Ragunan Zoo is the largest zoo in the entire country of Indonesia.

This zoo sits on an astounding 350 acres of land and has over 2,000 animals of different kinds inside. If you are on a family vacation and are wondering where you can take the kids in Jakarta, look no further than this epic zoo. You can not only see Komodo Dragons at Ragunan, but there are also eagles, tigers and rare monkeys that are worth seeing.

What is the best part about going here?

Above everything, the price for a ticket is exceptionally cheap making it easy for any budget. For a cheap family day out, you can’t get a much better deal than Ragunan Zoo!

Enjoy the Night Life

A trip to Jakarta wouldn’t quite be complete without experiencing the night life that is on offer. There are nightclubs which are suitable for any kind of budget although the better ones are on the pricey side. Here are some clubs in Jakarta that you absolutely cannot miss out on:


Opening Times: 9:30AM-4PM

Entrance Fee: 200,000 IDR ($13.05)

Colosseum is a large and highly impressive nightclub known for its great music and talented DJs. This spectacular club is surprisingly over 1,000 square meters in total offering a concert style scene during music performances. The best way to describe Colosseum would be to say that it looks very similar to an opera house with the many rows and ceilings. 

The only difference of course is that it is a vibrant clubbing spot filled to the brim with people.

If you are interested in visiting Colosseum, you can find out more information on their website here.


Opening Times: 9PM-4AM

Entrance Fee (Not always applicable): 200,000 IDR ($13.05)

When it comes to the best nightclubs in Jakarta, Dragonfly is regarded by many as one of them. There is everything you would expect from a high-quality nightclub and more here including high profile Dj’s that have some of the best music around. 

One thing to watch out for when going to Dragonfly are the prices as drinks do tend to be expensive. With that being said, you can’t really go wrong with coming here as an alternative to Colosseum. 

There isn’t always an entrance fee either so on some days you can enter completely free.

 Book a Group Tour

There are plenty of group tours available online in Jakarta for those who wish to see the city with a guide. I took a private tour with my friend which allowed me to see several of the museums listed above including Chinatown. This was entirely based in Old Batavia, and our guide was very knowledgeable answering all the questions we wanted to know.

If you are interested taking a group tour, I would highly recommend the one we did which was with Get Your Guide. You can find the tour by clicking here.

Where to Stay in Jakarta?

During our trip we booked a room at the Ashley Tanah Abang Hotel, which is a 4-star property.

The Ashley Tanah Abang hotel in Jakarta offers a comfortable and convenient stay in the heart of the city. With its strategic location, guests have easy access to the bustling Tanah Abang market and various attractions. The well-appointed rooms provide a relaxing ambiance and modern amenities, ensuring a pleasant stay. The hotel’s attentive staff and efficient services enhance the overall experience.

The hotel’s dining options showcase a variety of delectable cuisines, catering to diverse palates. The restaurant serves both local and international dishes.


1. Is Jakarta more Expensive than Bali?

Of course, this entirely depends on how you choose to spend your trip. I would say from my experience that they are a similar price, and you can find accommodation and food at similar standards for your budget range. This is even more the case with transport and food due to Gojek where you can basically order anything to your door.

2. What is Special about Jakarta compared with other Capital Cities?

I would say Jakarta is similar to many other capital cities in the fact that it offers a detailed insight into the history of the country.  However, what makes it special in particular is the epic nightlife and stunning buildings everywhere that cannot help but capture your eye. The Indonesian capital also has so many things to do in terms of entertainment that it is mindblowing.

Compared with other cities in southeast Asia, it is the glitz and glam of Jakarta which separates it from the crowd.


Coming to Jakarta is one thing, but coming prepared with a plan is a different ball game.

This short guide contains everything that I did during my trip there, and extra tourist attractions that are deemed unmissable. Relish your time in Indonesia’s capital by learning as much history as you can and having fun.

Remember to bookmark this page for the next time you visit to ensure your trip is the best it can be!

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