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The Perfect 4 Day Itinerary in Bangkok

by ElenaSergeeva

It goes without saying that Bangkok is a huge city, and there are a lot of places to see when you visit the Thai capital. It is known as the Big Mango for a reason with over 10 million people living here, and it is by far the most-visited destination in the whole of Thailand. 

With all of this in mind, you might be wondering whether it is possible to cover all the city in 4 days and see the best things that it has to offer. With that being said, you could quite easily spend a month here and still not get to experience everything that the bustling city of Bangkok has to offer.

I would like to say that in the 4 days I spent in Bangkok, I saw most of the best tourist attractions that the city has to offer, and I think 4 days is a perfect amount of time to get a strong feel of the city. 

In this itinerary guide, I will describe everything I did during my stay in Bangkok including the places that I highly recommend for all first-time visitors of the city. 

It is also important to mention that even as a returning visitor, you will still find this guide very helpful, and it will help you get the most out of your trip!

The Perfect 4 Day Itinerary in Bangkok


  • How To Get Around Bangkok
  • The Dress Code For Temples in Bangkok
  • Day 1: Temples and Chinatown
    • Grand Palace
    • Emerald Buddha Temple (Wat Phra Kaew)
    • Wat Pho 
    • Wat Arun
    • End The Day in China Town
  • Day 2: Floating and Railway Market
    • Damnoen Saduak Market
    • Maeklong Railway Market
  • Day 3: Ayutthaya Day Trip
    • Wat Ratchaburana
    • Wat Chaiwatthanaram
    • End The Day At Ayutthaya Night Market
  • Day 4: Enjoy A Full Day of Shopping
    • MBK Center
    • Terminal21 Asok
    • Platinum Fashion Mall
    • Central Embassy Luxury Mall
  • Additional Places To Visit For An Extra Day
    • Ko Kret Island
    • Chatuchak Market
    • Lumphini Park
  • Best Rooftop and Sky bars in Bangkok
  • Restaurants I Would Recommend in Bangkok
  • Recommended Places To Stay in Bangkok
  • FAQ’s
  • Conclusion

How To Get Around Bangkok

There are a lot of different options for getting around Bangkok depending on your budget and how quickly you want to navigate through the city. The easiest and most affordable option which I took most of the time was by tuktuk. 

You can find these on the side of the road outside most of the popular tourist attractions. 

However, if you prefer a different form of transport, there are multiple others to choose from:

BTS Sky train

Price for 1 Day Pass: 150 THB ($4.45)

The sky train is not only a great option for getting around Bangkok, but I would highly recommend trying it at least once for those of you who are new to the city. It is an interesting experience and I have enjoyed all the times I used the sky train to get to different places around the capital.

The main difference I would say between the sky train and other forms of transport like taxis or tuk-tuks, is the fact that it can only go to certain areas. For this reason, I would suggest locating the stop which is nearest to the place you want to go and then getting off at that point.

Using the sky train is the most cost-effective option for getting around the city, and it will save a lot of money for those long journeys above all else.


Average price for short ride: 40-50THB ($1.20 – $1.40)

Tuk-tuks are by far my favorite option for getting around Bangkok, and I took them most of the time while I was in the city. The great thing about getting tuk-tuks is that they are easily accessible, and you can see them practically anywhere you go in the capital. 

It is safe to say that at some point during your time in Bangkok, at least one tuk-tuk driver will ask you if you would like a ride!

Riding a Tuk Tuk with my friend

The great thing about using them as a form of transport is that they give you a very direct and intimate experience of the city. You wouldn’t usually get this in a taxi or even on the sky train which is why trying one out is an absolute must on your trip.

If you do decide to get one, it is important to remember that although tuk-tuks are typically cheaper than taxis, they don’t usually have a meter so you will need to agree a price with the driver before you start the journey. 

Another important point to make is that many people do fall victim to scams from tuk-tuk drivers. One of the most popular ones is where they ask you if you want a tour of the city and take you to various jewellery shops and suit shops where the prices of things are very expensive. 

To avoid any trouble, make sure to tell the driver exactly where you want to go and negotiate a fair price for the journey. Prices tend to be more expensive in touristy areas with higher demand, but anything above 100 baht is too expensive for a short trip.


Meter price per km: 35 THB ($1.04) first km, then 5 THB ($0.15) per km after that

Although taking taxis certainly isn’t as fun as getting tuk-tuks around Bangkok, it is both cost-effective and a smooth way of getting to where you need to get to. 

The best thing about taxis is that they are reliable because of the meter, so you know you are paying the right price and not getting scammed.

Whenever I get taxis in Bangkok, I make sure to ask the driver to turn the meter on before I get in the taxi. Once I know I am being charged a fair price, I will often give them a tip at the end of the trip for their honesty.

The typical meter price is 35 baht for the first kilometer and then it will cost 5 baht extra for each additional kilometer beyond that. This is extremely affordable for most travelers and it is great for a budget.

Although I would like to say that the official taxis in Bangkok are one specific color, this unfortunately isn’t the case. 

Most of the taxis I have gotten in the city were yellow and green, but you could get one in pink, blue, black, orange, red and pretty much any other color. You will know it is an official taxi by both the sign at the top of the car and the company written logo which is written on the side.

 It is also worth mentioning that you can rent a taxi for the day if you want to. 

The only problem with this is that you will most likely be paying more than you would typically spend. It is better to rent a separate taxi for each destination you are going to as they are easily accessible anyway.

Motorcycle Taxi

Average Short Motorcycle Taxi Trip Price: 40-50 THB ($1.20-$1.40)

I personally wouldn’t recommend getting motorcycle taxis if it is your first time in Bangkok. 

This is because they are dangerous, and foreigners often get overcharged by the drivers. If you are thinking about getting one, I would highly advise to book one using the Grab app on your phone.

There is no way that you can get scammed this way because you are paying the official fee set by Grab and not what the driver is asking for. It is also wise to not get on the motorcycle taxi unless the driver gives you a helmet because this is very dangerous.

Another reason why motorcycle taxis are a bad idea is because of the amount of pollution on the road. You will be breathing in fumes from the cars and bikes throughout the whole journey, so if you do decide to take one it is best to wear a mask.

Boat Taxi

Price for One Way Journey: 20 THB ($0.59)

If tuk-tuks weren’t my favorite option for getting around Bangkok, I would have to say that the boat taxi here (also known as Chao Phrya Express boats) are the best.

These boat taxis are not only extremely cheap, but they provide epic views, and they go to all the best tourist attractions in the city. 

The last time I took a boat taxi, the price was less than a dollar and the prices are still similar today at around 20 baht each way.

If you are going to get a boat taxi, the best possible time to get one would be at night. This is because you can see all the beautiful buildings lit up in the center of the city and it is a wonderful experience. 

You can’t beat an evening shopping trip to Siam Shopping Mall by boat taxi, and it is one of my favorite activities to do in Bangkok!

Subway (Bangkok MRT)

Price for 1 Day Pass: 120 THB ($3.56)

Using the subway is a less known form of transport for tourists when getting around Bangkok, however, it is still worth mentioning.

Also known as Bangkok MRT, the subway is a solid option for those wishing to visit any areas in the northern part of the city. A great part about the subway is that is also connects to the skytrain so you can get on either of them to get to where you need to get to.

I haven’t taken the subway on this trip but I did use it back in 2015 when I spent longer time in Bangkok. It is a solid option for going to Chatuchak and the surrounding areas.

The Dress code For Temples in Bangkok

Another important point to make before discussing activities in Bangkok is it mention the temple dress code. Although it is true that Grand Palace is the strictest about dress code, I would also recommend dressing respectfully for the other temples during your trip too.

This dress code is applicable for both men and women and is listed as follows: 

Men’s Temple Dress Code

  • Long Trousers 
  • T-Shirt or Long-Sleeved Shirt covering shoulders

Women’s Temple Dress Code

  • Long Skirts
  • Shirts or Long-Sleeved Shirt covering shoulders

Do not wear:

x Short Dresses

x Shorts

x Tank Tops

x Leggings

x 3/4 Pants

Day 1: Temples and Chinatown

What better way of starting off your Bangkok itinerary than by visiting Temples?

Bangkok has some of the best temples all of Thailand, and you will be in awe of what there is to see inside of them. In addition to this, finishing off my temple trip with a food tour of Chinatown really added the cherry on the cake.

I saw all these temples as part of a group tour that I took, I will leave the link to this tour at the bottom of this section if you are interested in booking.

Here are all the temples I visited on my first day in Bangkok:

Grand Palace

Opening Times: 8:30AM – 15:30PM

Ticket Price: 500 THB per person ($14.84)

It is safe to say that out of all the temples and tourist attractions that you can visit in Bangkok, the Grand Palace has to be the most significant.

This temple complex was established in 1782 and covers an area of 218,000 square feet which is the equivalent of 5 acres in total. There are lots of different areas to explore while you are here including numerous temple buildings (some of which were used as libraries for the king) and the Chakri Maha Prasat Hall which is the official royal residence.

After all my time I have spent traveling the world, I don’t think I have seen as much gold in one place as I have in the Grand Palace!

While here, you will really appreciate the intricate designs which are on each of the temple sections, and you can tell a lot of time and effort went into creating this vast temple.

The ticket is a lot pricier than most other temples you will visit in Thailand, but Grand Palace is an absolute must-see in Bangkok and I would highly advise going there while in the bustling city capital.

Emerald Buddha Temple (Wat Phra Kaew)

Opening Times: 8:30AM – 15:30PM

Ticket Price (free with Grand Palace ticket): 500 THB per person ($14.84)

It is important to mention that the Emerald Buddha Temple is on the same grounds as the Grand Palace. For this reason, you can use your Grand Palace ticket for this temple too which serves as a nice two-in-one bonus.

This temple has some marvellous designs on both the main temple building and on the luxurious golden stupas that are outside.

I particularly loved the standing golden buddha statues at the entrance steps which are quite the beauty themselves. 

When coming here, make sure to go inside of the temple and see the main emerald buddha which the temple is named after. You will find this buddha statue sitting inside the center of the temple and it is a very sacred sight indeed. 

Although it is called the emerald buddha, the statue is not made from emeralds but instead, jade and jasper which are precious stones.

The Emerald Buddha Temple is seen as an extremely sacred temple in Thailand, and you can’t take photos while inside of it.

This is to pay respects to both the buddha, and the artwork inside of the temple which surrounds it. You will enjoy visiting here and it adds an important piece to the Grand Palace puzzle.

Wat Pho

 Opening Times: 8AM – 18:30PM

 Ticket Price: 200 THB per person ($5.93)

When we are talking about the best temples in Bangkok, Wat Pho must be up there with the Grand Palace as one of them. 

The reason why most people visit Wat Pho (which is only a 1-minute drive from Grand Palace) is because of the huge reclining golden buddha statue that lies inside of the temple.

Like many of the other golden buddha statues around Thailand, the reclining buddha statue in Wat Pho isn’t made from pure gold but covered in gold leaf instead. Nevertheless, it is a truly epic sight, and I couldn’t help but marvel at the fine details that have gone into creating it.

Besides the reclining buddha, there are lots of other things to see at Wat Pho such as the tall stupas that you can find all around the grounds, and other interesting looking buddha statues. 

Another essential place to visit that I enjoyed in Wat Pho is the assembly hall. After entering, you will find a golden sitting buddha which is sat on top of a three-tiered pedestal. The assembly hall is the main temple in Wat Pho so you will get a very sacred temple vibe here.

It is also normal to see monks coming in and out of the temple so don’t be afraid to say hello!

Wat Arun

 Opening Times: 8AM – 6PM

 Ticket Price: 100 THB per person ($2.97)

You will be pleased to know that Wat Arun is cheap considering it is one of the more popular temples in all of Bangkok. 

It is almost impossible to miss this temple when taking a boat taxi across the city due to the massive prang which sits in the center of it. This prang is close to the main river in Bangkok and it looks incredible at night if you happen to pass it by.

Wat Arun was envisioned by King Taksin in 1768 although the main temple prang wasn’t completed until 1851, which was almost 100 years later. It is the private temple of King Rama II and some of his ashes are actually kept under the temple grounds.

Once entering, feel free to admire all the pagodas that are here and make sure to get some good photos as they are very photogenic.

The main prang does look good from the river, but it looks even better when you are right next to it! 

Not only this, but you can climb the steps to the top which provides a great view of both the temple grounds and the Chao Phraya River next to it.

After climbing the steps and admiring the view, I would suggest going to the ordination hall where you can see the golden buddha image which is sat on the pillars. 


Bangkok: City Highlights Temple and Market Walking Tour


If you want to immerse in the atmosphere of Bangkok, then I highly recommend you to take a guided tour: Bangkok: City Highlights Temple and Market Walking Tour. You will learn more about Bangkok’s history, hear interesting stories and visit some of the most important temples in Bangkok.


End The Day in Chinatown

One of the best things about visiting Chinatown is that it is open all night so can spend as much time as you want around here. 

I took an evening food tour on the first day that me and my friend visited Bangkok, and pretty much all of the tour was based on food around Chinatown.

If you are interested in getting this food tour which shows you the best of Chinatown, you can find that here: Bangkok: Michelin Guide Street Food Tour by Tuk Tuk | GetYourGuide

I highly recommend it if you want to experience some really yummy food while in the city. In addition to this, the tour is by tuk-tuk too which provides a more intimate and up-close experience of Chinatown.

I tried multiple different places for food here including an award-winning fish soup which you can find on Yaowarat Road. This was my favorite soup along with the fried pork soup and seafood dishes such as crab, squid and even octopus.

The Chinatown in Bangkok has it all and is the perfect way to satisfy a hungry stomach at the end of your temple tour!

Day 2 in Bangkok: Floating and Railway Market

A great way to start your second day in Bangkok would be to visit both the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market and Maeklong Railway Market. Although these markets aren’t directly in the city centre, you can get there by an hour and a half drive. The best way of doing this is to take a day tour.

 I have done this personally and it makes for an awesome day out with an experienced guide who can answer everything you want to ask. Another benefit of booking a day tour is that you can get picked up from your hotel which is much better than having to go to the bus station and finding a minivan.

If you would like full details on this daytrip, feel free to check out my guide here: Damnoen Saduak Floating Market and Maeklong Railway Market.

However, I will list some brief details below about both fascinating markets:

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

Opening Times: 7AM-5PM

Considering Damnoen Saduak is one of the most popular floating markets in the whole of Thailand, it goes without saying that you should highly consider coming here while in Thailand. When it comes to real deal floating market experiences, this is the head of the pack.

I enjoyed coming here because you can get a boat tour directly through the market and you also can buy things off the locals who are in other boats next to yours. I enjoyed a wide range of foods here although my favorite dish out of all of them were the boat noodles.

The boat noodles are extremely cheap considering how tasty they are and a local will cook them on a boat right in front of you too.

If you are going to Damneon Saduak, I would advise getting here as early as possible so that you can experience it before it gets too busy. In that way, you can enjoy everything the floating market has to offer without the extra touristy stress!

Maeklong Railway Market

Opening Times: 7AM-5PM

Maeklong Railway Market is the only railway market in Thailand making it both rare and unique. I would say it is an absolute-must to add this to your four-day itinerary while in Bangkok just because of this fact alone. 

By far the most interesting and funny part about the railway market is the fact that the train actively comes through it. You will often see locals pulling their stalls from the side of the train tracks before the train comes so their stalls don’t get knocked over!

 I wondered why the locals have their stalls so close to the tracks, but upon researching I realized that they do this to avoid paying tax.

This is because to have a stand on the land here costs money so many locals prefer to put it on the actual train tracks. This is a tradition, and the police don’t usually stop them. I guess the only negative is the possibility of their stand getting knocked over along with everything they are selling by the train!

It is also important to mention that Maeklong Railway Market is one of the largest fresh seafood markets in all of Thailand. This makes it perfect for those of you who are seafood lovers out there. 

You should also wait for the train to come too while you are as it is a key part of the market experience.


Bangkok: Damnoen Saduak Market and Maeklong Railway Market


If you want to immerse in the local atmosphere of Bangkok life, then I highly recommend you visit the Maeklong Railway Market and the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market on either a private or group tour from Bangkok. Interact with friendly local market vendors.


Day 3: Ayutthaya Day Trip from Bangkok

A Bangkok itinerary wouldn’t quite be complete without a daytrip to the ancient city of Ayutthaya. This city used to be the capital of Thailand for many years and a lot of the countries key history lies here. Like both of the markets mentioned above, I would recommend taking a day tour to Ayutthaya to make sure that your trip goes smoothly.

I had a particularly great experience with the tour I took and saw pretty much everything the city had to offer in one day. If you would like full details on my Ayutthaya daytrip, feel free to check out my guide here: Bangkok To Ayutthaya – A Day Trip from Bangkok.

Here are some of my favorite temples and places to visit in the ancient city of Ayutthaya:

Wat Ratchaburana

Opening Times: 8:30AM-5PM 

Entrance Fee: 50 THB ($1.52) per person 

Wat Ratchaburana is one of the two must-visit temples I recommend to people visiting Ayuttahaya.

What separates it from most of the others is the incredibly large prang in the center. 

You can climb up this and there is a viewing area at the top which allows you to see over the rest of the temple grounds. This is by far the most enjoyable thing to do while at this temple, besides admiring the 15th century Buddhist architecture which is all around the grounds.

Wat Chaiwatthanaram

Opening Times: 8AM-6PM
Entrance Fee: 50 THB ($1.52) per person

Wat Chaiwattharama is my most recommended temple in all of Ayutthaya, so I would highly consider going while in the little ancient city. 

If you do decide to come, it is best to go during the evening time when the sun is setting. The sunset looks so beautiful here and it will seal the end of your Ayutthaya trip like no other. However, you can come at any time and still enjoy the scenery here.

You can really appreciate the structure of Wat Chaiwatthanaram and the way that it is designed. The multiple pagodas are lined up together to form a square shape with a 115ft prang in the center of it.

What I love the most about this temple is that it has still been kept together extremely well. The organized layout of the pagodas looks neat and clean, thus providing a deeper insight into what this historical city once was.

End The Day At Ayutthaya Night Market 

Opening Times: 5PM-10PM

Ayutthaya Night Market is the best place to visit at night in Ayutthaya and it is worth going if you are still in the city at night. The most incredible part about the night market are all the lanterns which hang from both the trees and the market stands. 

These create a truly magical atmosphere and make it much more special as a place to visit.

Grab one of the many desserts on offer here including mango sticky rice or a Nutella pancake to go and relax on the benches which are located all around the night market.

Ayutthaya Night Market also sells some interesting souvenirs too which are sure to make your trip more memorable!


From Bangkok: Ayutthaya Temples Small Group Tour with Lunch


Embark on a guided day trip to the World Heritage site of Ayutthaya, the old capital of Siam, and visit 4 of the historical city’s most remarkable temples. On this tour From Bangkok: Ayutthaya Temples Small Group Tour with Lunch you are guaranteed to have a memorable experience.


Day 4: Enjoy A Full Day of Shopping 

I get it.

Not everyone wants to spend their time walking around shopping malls when traveling to a new city, but for us ladies out there, it is a BIG part of our experience!

It is without mentioning that Bangkok has some top-notch malls that are full to the brim with luxury brands to splash your cash on.

Here are my four favorite shopping malls I would recommend to anyone visiting Bangkok:

MBK Center

Opening Times: 10AM-10PM

I have been to MBK Center on many occasions, and it is very big to say the least.

This shopping mall consists of 8 floors each with different kinds of shops on each of them. The most memorable floors to me are the fourth floor, sixth floor, seventh floor and eighth floor.

 Besides these floors, the others don’t sell specific items and mainly consist of branded clothing and jewellery shops.

Here are what each of these unique floors have to offer:

  • Fourth Floor – This floor is perfect for those of you who are looking for anything electronic or gadget related. You can find a wide range of things here from phones, watches, headphones, wireless chargers and even vape pens.
  • Sixth Floor – Also known as food island, the sixth floor of MBK is packed to the brim with cafes, restaurants and fast-food places to choose from. You can find a wide range of food here from Japanese cuisine to Japanese or Italian. If you find yourself hungry in MBK, head over to the sixth floor.
  • Seventh Floor – Out of all the floors at MBK, the seventh floor is the most memorable to me because there is a cinema here. This is perfect if you happen to be on a date in Bangkok and the cinema is surprisingly very impressive. In addition to this, there are plenty of fast-food places here too if you want to grab a quick bite to eat.
  • Eighth Floor – The eighth floor is the home of entertainment in MBK and features a bowling alley along with a karaoke section. If you fancy some extra fun activities to do while here, the eighth floor is the best place in MBK Center.

You will be amazed by the size of this mall but be sure to visit one of the floors listed above for the specific items mentioned.

Terminal21 Asok

Opening Times: 10AM-10PM

Terminal 21 is essentially a smaller and more lavish version of MBK Center. I would recommend coming here if you are keen on spending a good amount of money and want to find some expensive brands. 

This shopping mall has each of its floors named after different international destinations which I found fascinating as a traveler. Some of these include Paris, San Francisco and Hollywood among various others.

Similar to MBK, Terminal 21 also has a cinema which is known as Cinema City. Although I haven’t been to the cinema here personally, the prices are supposedly reasonable.

If you are in doubt of which mall to go to, you can always go to both MBK and Terminal 21 considering they are pretty much a 10-minute car drive from each other. This will be a nice addition to your shopping day, and they do both offer unique value when compared with each other.

Platinum Fashion Mall

Opening Times: 9AM-8PM

When comparing the Platinum Fashion Mall to MBK or Terminal 21, I would the difference lies in the fact that it is more clothing based.

It is one of those places where the joy is found in both bartering and hunting for the right bargain for you.

 Besides clothing, you will also be able to find some wonderful little souvenirs and gifts from the shops here that you can’t help but treat yourself to.

Platinum Fashion Mall offers a much more local experience than many of the other shopping malls in Bangkok and it was a fun experience for me. I would also like to mention that it is probably the cheapest considering how many shops there are inside.

For more information on my experience in Platinum Fashion Mall, feel free to check out my post here: The Platinum Fashion Mall in Bangkok.

Central Embassy Luxury Mall

Opening Times: 10AM-10PM

As you might have guessed by the title, the Central Embassy Luxury Mall is the shopping mall that you need to go to if you are looking to buy luxury goods.

No matter what designer brand you are looking for such as Gucci, Versace or even Hermes, you will find it inside of Central Embassy mall. When I came here, I didn’t buy any goods but instead, went for a luxury spa session at Dii Wellness Med Spa.

Nevertheless, if I was planning on spending some money while I was in Bangkok, I would come here.

For more information on my experience in Central Embassy mall, feel free to check out my post: Central Embassy, Bangkok’s Luxury Mall – Passion for Hospitality .

4 Day Itinerary in Bangkok- Additional Places To Visit For An Extra Day

For those of you who have spent four days in Bangkok and decided to add an extra day to your itinerary, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

Here are all the tourist places I would visit if I were to stay here another day:

Ko Kret Island

Ko Kret is essentially a small island in Nonthanburi and it is around 20 kilometres north from the center of Bangkok. I would have not heard of this place if it wasn’t for my friends who recommended a tour for us to take together, but I am more than happy that I went.

The only way that you visit Ko Kret Island is by boat which you will need to get from Pak Kret. This boat journey will take around 90 minutes which I would say is worth it to come here. This island is a hidden little Bangkok gem which not too many people know about.

One of my favorite things to do while here is enjoy some of the many local foods that the island has to offer. If you would like to read about my experience at Ko Kret Island and what you can do there, check out my post here: Ko Kret Island and the Chatuchak JJ Market – Passion for Hospitality .

I would also highly recommend booking a tour to the island. I did this and it is better because getting a boat there can be complicated, and it is much easier to get a local to sort it out for you. 

In addition to this, all the signs at Pak Kret Ferry Station are in Thai which makes it even more difficult to know when to get the boat and how often they are running.

Chatuchak Market

Chatuchak Market and Ko Kret Island are actually very close to each other which allowed me to take a tour of both in the same day. 

Chatuchak is immensely popular, and it is the world’s largest weekend market, along with it being the largest market in all of Thailand. After coming here, I quickly realized that the Thais really do it best when it comes to local markets in Southeast Asia!

There are a wide variety of things to buy here and practically anything that you would possibly need from clothing, furniture, foods, accessories and everything else. You can even buy pets here too if you want.

With a whopping 41,000+ Google reviews, it is no wonder that Chatuchak Market has become as well-known as it has around the world today!

Lumphini Park

I will be the first to say that I have been to Lumphini Park on multiple occasions, and it is a wonderful public park to visit in Bangkok. 

It has a very peaceful and meditative-like energy which is like few other parks I have visited. One of my favorite things to do here is sit on a bench next to river and take a break from the bustling energy of the city.

Alternatively, you can take a walk around the park for yourself and take in all the fascinating nature that surrounds it. There are several species of lizards that continue to be spotted here including monitor lizards that tend to pop up quite frequently!

So whether you want to grab lunch or take a break from the loud and fast nature of the city, Lumphini Park is a great place to do both of those things.

Best Rooftop and Sky bars in Bangkok

An evening in Bangkok wouldn’t quite be complete without visiting a sky bar. This is why I knew I had to include some of my favorite in this itinerary guide!

So, if you are thinking of where to spend a night in Bangkok after a full day of visiting tourist attractions, don’t worry I’ve got you covered:

Sky Bar at Lebua Bangkok

Opening Times: 5PM-1AM

Drinks Menu: Click here.

This sky bar is on the 63rd floor of the Bangkok State Tower located inside of the 5-star hotel known as Lebua. It is safe to say that you can’t get much higher than here in terms of sky bars and it makes for an incredible place to sip a drink at night. Feel free to come here with your friends and enjoy a spectacular view which is like no other. The Sky Bar gained global recognition for its appearance in the movie “The Hangover Part II.” The bar’s distinctive circular bar and open-air concept contributed to its unique appeal in the film.

Before coming here, I hadn’t experienced a view as high as this while at a bar and I am lucky that I didn’t have vertigo, as I am quite afraid of heights!

We actually stayed at Lebua on the 4 nights in Bangkok and came to this bar twice. I enjoyed a glass of champagne here after a long day of traveling and in terms of the views of Bangkok, you really can’t get much better than the Sky Bar at Lebua. The bar is pricey and in terms of a glass of champagne we paid 1,900 BAHT around $55. I also celebrated my birthday here on another night.

Vertigo at Banyan Tree

Opening Times: 6:30PM-10:30AM

Online Menu: Click here.

Vertigo rooftop bar is located inside of the 5-star hotel called Banyan Tree. 

This is a similar height to Sky Bar at Lebua with the added benefit of the opening times being longer into the night. You could stay here for the entire night with your friends if you wanted to and the view still wouldn’t get boring!

In addition to this, Vertigo offers quite an extensive menu which you can see online by clicking the link above.

Although considered to be less popular than the sky bar at Lebua, I would recommend coming here as an alternative if you would like to visit a sky bar which is open all night.

Restaurants I Would Recommend in Bangkok

Bangkok is home to some of the greatest culinary experiences in the world depending on which restaurants you go to. Here are two of my favorite restaurants I have visited so far in the capital city:

Breeze Restaurant at Lebua

Opening Times: 6PM-12AM

Menu: https://lebua.com/restaurants/breeze/#menus

Breeze Restaurant at Lebua has some truly mouth-watering food to choose from if it is in your budget. The good part about Breeze is that it is in the same building as the sky bar so you could visit both in the same night if you wanted to. 

The best food that they sell here is the seafood which is truly top-notch.

In addition to this, the added benefit is that Breeze is on the 51st floor which makes for some spectacular views to say the least. Although it isn’t quite as high as the skybar which is ten floors above, it definitely isn’t a bad way to enjoy some high quality cuisine!

Sala Rim Naam

Opening Times: 6PM-10PM

If you are talking about dining with quality, Sala Rim Naam offered some of the best, authentic Thai cuisine I have tried in Thailand as a whole. This restaurant was part of my stay at the Mandarin Oriental hotel and you must take a private boat taxi to get here from the main hotel.

As the hotel offered amazing service, I assumed that this restaurant also would, and I can honestly say that I wasn’t wrong!

I enjoyed some juicy seabass with rice along with various Thai soups which were equally yummy. Although the food was great, I was also treated to a performance of traditional Thai dancing which was a perfect way to end the evening.

You can find a full description of my restaurant experience here: Sala Rim Naam Mandarin Oriental Bangkok – Passion for Hospitality .

Recommended Places To Stay in Bangkok

My experience at each of these hotels listed below were all great and for this reason, I would recommend staying in any of these three:

Lebua at State Tower

Quality: 5-star hotel

Reviews: Very Good

Average Room Price: 4,500 THB – 6,600 THB ($133 – $196) – For availability and rates click here

View from our balcony

Not only does Lebua have the amazing sky bar and Breeze restaurant as mentioned above, but the hotel is also very impressive too. I stayed for most of my time in Bangkok inside of this luxurious hotel, and it is by far my favorite out all of them I have stayed in.

The room views are truly epic from Lebua but in addition to this, the food we were treated to by room service was also very good.

If you have some money to spend and would like to stay in a luxury hotel for affordable prices, Lebau is the one for you!

Lancaster Bangkok

Quality: 5-star hotel

Reviews: Very Good

Average Room Price: 2,200 THB – 4,400 THB ($65 – $130.84) – For availability and rates click here.

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to Lebua, I would say the second-best option would be Lancaster Bangkok. 

This hotel has equally good reviews online and the rooms are also cheaper considering it is rated as a 5-star hotel. There are a lot of facilities at Lancaster ranging from the amazing swimming pool there to the bakery which is in the lobby of the building as well as great Spa facilities.

For a 5-star hotel, it is incredibly cheap and worth the value for a premium stay in Bangkok city.

Novotel Bangkok Platinum

Quality: 4-star hotel

Reviews: Very Good

Average Room Price: 2,200 THB – 4,400 THB ($65 – $130.84) – For availability and rates click here.

One of my favorite hotels that I would recommend staying in Bangkok is Novotel Bangkok Platinum.

I stayed in a lot of different Novotel hotels around the world before coming here, but I was curious to see what the Novotel’s in Thailand had to offer. 

Novotel Platinum had a bunch of amazing facilities which are difficult to find at a large majority of the other Bangkok hotels. One of these was of course the infinity pool which is on the nineth floor of the hotel.

Besides just this, they have a great restaurant known as Bar 9 (it is located on the nineth floor) that serve a variety of yummy western foods. This restaurant is also a bar too, so feel free to order as many drinks as you want here too.

My experience at Novotel Platinum was very memorable, you can read about my full stay and what I did there by clicking here: My Novotel Bangkok Platinum Experience – Passion for Hospitality .

FAQ’s about Bangkok

1. Is Bangkok An Expensive City?

This will depend on your budget and how much you plan on spending. 

However, I would say that overall, it is very cheap and is suitable for almost any budget. If you really wanted to stay here as long as possible, you can choose to stay in hostels and eat street food which is very inexpensive.

I wouldn’t recommend this personally as Bangkok is better experienced with a higher budget, but it is easy to get in the city for less.

2. Do People in Bangkok Speak English?

This was one of my concerns when coming to the city for the first time. 

The good news that you will be glad to know, is that English is widely spoken in tourist areas of Thailand which of course includes Bangkok. This is because it is taught commonly in the schools here so you should have no problem communicating with locals in the main tourist parts of the city.
If you are having trouble communicating with a local though, feel free to use Google Translate. I do this often when traveling and it does make things a lot easier.

3. Is Bangkok The Best City in Thailand?

There are many different parts of Thailand and each of them are both special and unique in their own way. Bangkok is great for seeing the most significant tourist attractions in the country as well as for the nightlife. You can really learn a lot about Thailand by visiting the temples which lie inside of this city and for that reason, it is up there as a must-visit destination.

I would also recommend traveling both to the south where the islands are, and north of the country to the city of Chiang Mai. 

This will help you to decide which part of the country you like the most.

4. Where Should I Go After Visiting Bangkok?

As part of my own personal itinerary, I decided to visit the Thai islands in the south of the country before heading north to Chiang Mai. However, this entirely depends on your own preference and how much of the country you want to see. 

There are buses which leave from Bangkok to the islands in the south and most other parts of the country too. It is just as simple as booking one to the place you want to go to and then you are basically okay after that.


Bangkok is truly a marvellous place to visit when you have a plan, and I am sure this 4-day itinerary guide will give you more than enough things to do during your stay in the big capital.

Above everything else, make sure to visit the Buddhist temples which are here as they provide great insight into the history of Thailand as a whole.

Remember to bookmark this page for the next time you visit to ensure your trip is the best it can be!

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