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A Day Trip to Bohemian Switzerland That Will Get You Off the Tourist Trail

by ElenaSergeeva

A day trip from Prague to explore the ethereal landscapes of Czech Republic is a wonderful off the tourist trail experience. During our stay in Prague we joined Northern Hikes for an exhilarating adventure that took us to two countries (Czech Republic and Germany) in one day. From hiking along the verdant trails to a dinghy boat ride among the majestic rock formations, this day trip will show you the best of Bohemian and Saxo Switzerland in all its glory.

a day trip to Bohemian Switzerland

A Day Trip to Bohemian Switzerland from Prague 

Our morning started off on a relaxed note as we joined our guide Nicole and other travelers in a comfortable air-conditioned minivan with complimentary Wi-Fi. The drive was just a little less then two hours and as we made our way towards the starting point of our hiking trail, Nicole explained some historical facts about Czech Republic as well as our program for the day.

Once we arrived to the small village of Hřensko, Nicole pointed our the various hiking trails that lead from here to various points of the National Park Bohemian Switzerland. We took the easy trail which is marked in yellow and leads to the Soutěskách Hřensko passing through the Kamnitz Gorge and Edmund Gorge, along the Kamenice River.

Initially the area around Kamenice River was considered dangerous and only fishermen would come here to fish for trout and salmon, while lumberjacks would use the river to float timber.

In 1877 a bet was placed by five adventurous folks who decided to raft across the river — they succeeded and as a result the place became a popular tourist attraction. In 1890 duke Edmund Clary-Aldringen decided to invest and make it a proper business that would offer a pleasant and safe boat trip and hiking experience for the visitors.

The first part of the hike was approximately 30 minutes as we made our way along the Kamenice River admiring the sandstone formations which were formed during the Mesozoic era about a hundred million years ago.

Once we reached the part where the rocks fall into water we continued the journey on a dinghy boat which lasts for approximately 960 meters. Along the way we admired the famous rocks such as the Rock Family (Skalní rodina).

After a short ice-cream/refreshment break we made our way back to the Hřensko starting point from where we drove a short 5-minutes to a Czech Restaurant for lunch.

After trying a famous Czech dish made of beef and dumplings, along with refreshing Czech beer we drove for about 25 minutes to Germany.

Final Stop: Saxon Switzerland National Park 

In the afternoon we reached the German part of the Bohemian Switzerland National Park. This is where Kamenice River flows into Elbe and is home to the infamous rock formation, the Bastei Bridge.

Soaring 194 meters high above Elbe River, the Bastei Bridge has served as a popular tourism attraction for over 200 hundred years. Apart from being a famous view point, it is also the location of the Neurathen Castle, which is the largest rock castle in Saxon Switzerland.

Although almost nothing has been left of the castle you can still admire the view by climbing a few steps which are located across from the Bastei Bridge. The area is also very popular among rock climbers.

As Nicole pointed out there is a spot that has a little metal box inside which you can find a diary, so any climber that successfully gets to the top can write a note in this diary.

After exploring Bastei Bridge we made our way back to Prague. The drive back was approximately two hours.

Bohemian Switzerland Hiking Experience with Northern Hikes 

For those who wish to experience the wonderful landscapes of Bohemian and Saxo Switzerland, an organized day trip to Bohemian Switzerland with Northern Hikes is highly recommended.

First of all you don’t need to worry about how you will get to the desired destinations, as you will be comfortably driven around in the minivan. Lunch is included in the price of the tour as well as a  bag with snacks (musli bar and fresh fruits). The hiking route was very easy and makes it a perfect choice for families with kids too. Overall we did approximately 10 kilometres but it was a very relaxed day. Our guide Nicole not only spoke excellent English but is also a very good driver. At the end of the day we were dropped off at our hotel. For more tours offered by Northern Hikes, check out their website here. For your own convenience when traveling you might also like to buy a wheeled backpack.

*Passion for Hospitality was a guest of Northern Hikes, all opinions expressed are always my own.

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