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Central Embassy, Bangkok’s Luxury Mall

by ElenaSergeeva

If you are looking for a shopping paradise then Central Embassy, Bangkok’s Luxury Mall should be on your to-do list while holidaying in Thailand. It was actually one of the buildings that really impressed me on the day of my arrival as I was sitting in the taxi heading to meet my friend Tiffany in her hotel.
Central Embassy-1 Central Embassy-2
Centrally located in the heart of Bangkok’s retail district near Siam, this shopping mall is built on the grounds of the former British Embassy in case you are wondering about the name. An impressive modern building that houses the world’s best designer stores, is definitely a luring sight, especially if you have a weakness for shopping. So what was I doing there when I swore to no shopping? Well, have you heard of such a thing as Spa shopping? Yes, I was on my way for a luxury pampering experience of a lifetime at the Dii Wellness Med Spa which I will tell you all about in my next post.
Central Embassy-4 Central Embassy-5 Central Embassy-6 Central Embassy-7
But for someone who appreciates luxury and beautiful environments, I am guilty of taking a few photos as I was making my way to the 4th floor. It was impossible not to share these perfect minimalistic interiors, and I must say this is the second mall I have been to in my life that can be called a luxury mall, the first one is the Dubai Mall which you can read all about here in case you haven’t been.

Central Embassy-12

Spot me!

Central Embassy-9 Central Embassy-10 Central Embassy-13 Central Embassy-14 Central Embassy-11
Central Embassy features 6 shopping floors, there is a separate food floor on level 5 which unfortunately we didn’t get to try as we were late to finish with our Spa experience, but I did manage to take a few photos. Oh! There is a Harrods store in there too in case you feel like enjoying an afternoon tea.
Central Embassy-8 Central Embassy-15 Central Embassy-16
Let the photos speak for themselves and stay tuned for my luxury Spa experience, to follow.

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