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Cruising: The best way to discover Greek islands, post summer

by ElenaSergeeva

A post summer escape to Greece is an excellent idea. Choosing to discover Greece with a Greek islands cruise is an even better idea, for a number of reasons. The most prominent ones are that the weather is perfect for being at sea, there are less crowds around the islands, and there are less children too with school season having started.

The latter also means that parents can arrange that holiday they have been craving for a while. There is also so much to discover considering that Greece has over 200 inhabited islands with each having its own charm and local culture worth exploring. Given that, you will want to consider spending at least a week in order to get the most out of your trip.

Discover Classical Greece by cruise

Greece is country that has a huge heritage mostly known for its Classical era dating back to 5th and 4th century B.C, although the ancient Greeks existed well before that. An ancient civilisation that blossomed and prospered, that excelled in many fields of science, politics, philosophy and the arts, and is considered, until this day, as the birthplace of democracy and the cradle of western civilisation. It goes without saying that the manifestation of all this culture is physically evident around the majority of the Greek islands, each carrying a different story.

Choosing a cruise that covers the most important highlights of the Classical side of Greece should definitely include Delos, the most mystical and sacred island of all, the crescent shaped, volcanic island of Santorini, the coastal town of Nafplion with its Mycenaean culture, and of course Crete with its Minoan heritage that dates back 27th century B.C, with remnants on other Aegean islands as well.

Discover the best of Cyclades by cruise

The Cyclades island cluster is probably the most popular among all the Greek island groups. Apart from the innumerable cultural attractions that are dispersed among the islands, the Cyclades have some islands whose beauty is literally beyond comprehension. The most known islands are magical Santorini with its enchanting sunset vistas, Mykonos known for its cosmopolitan aura and fantastic beaches, and Paros for its genuine and vibrant island life.

Less known although similarly wonderful are Folegandros, often referred to as Santorini’s more demure sister, with stunning, crystalline shores and stark landscapes but also the even lesser known uninhabited island of Poliegos with striking, azure waters that very much resembles its neighbour, Milos island. If experiencing all the magnificent scenic beauty of the Aegean is more to your liking than immersing into the culture, then choose a cruise that includes the above mentioned islands and you won’t be disappointed.

Have you ever experienced a Greek island cruise? Let us know by commenting below.

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