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Dii Wellness Med Spa in Bangkok

by ElenaSergeeva

During my stay in Bangkok I was invited on a medical wellness journey to the luxury Dii Wellness Med Spa which is located in the Central Embassy Mall. Dii (Divana, Integration, Innovation) is not your typical spa, but rather a synthesis of the art of healing and wellness. Did you know that by combining certain medical and pampering techniques you can come to the realization of your DNA? Dii Wellness Med Spa has been designed with the sole purpose to make you look and feel younger through a range of cutting- edge medical and aesthetic treatments.
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So let me tell you all about my experience at this medical spa. After a long and busy day at the TBEX Asia 2015 Conference, Tiffany and I made our way to the Dii Spa for our 7pm appointment. The Spa is located on the fourth floor of the Central Embassy Mall, it has a sleek glassy façade and as you enter inside you find yourself at the reception that displays towering turquoise models of the DNA double helix as its centrepiece.
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We were welcomed by the friendly staff of the Spa who immediate seated us, changed our shoes to comfortable slippers and served us with a welcome drink and refreshment towel before we proceeded with the treatment. A lady then brought us a small tray that consisted of different jars with scented oils which we had to choose from for our treatment.
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Once we were ready our masseurs led us by the hand to a closed door and said “close your eyes and hold our hand” . We found ourselves in a narrow corridor and once we were allowed to open our eyes, the atmosphere was magical. The narrow corridor resembled a gateway to another galaxy as it is decorated with a million shimmering crystals which overhang on the ceiling, making you feel as if you are looking at a night sky full of stars.
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We were then led to our treatment room which featured two separate massage beds.  After we changed into luxurious bathrobes we were seated into a comfortable armchair to enjoy a foot bath with rose petals, lemon and salts. There are a number of treatments to choose from ranging from Dii Signature treatments, to Rejuvenating packages for face and body, Detoxifying treatments and Anti-Aging  Signature treatments. Our hosts had created a tailor made package for us that lasted for 120 minutes. After the foot bath we were placed on the massage table. Part of this unique wellness journey was the Signature treatment Black Jade Healing. Black jade is a symbol of calmness and serenity and is known for harnessing natural life-giving energy. When heated and combined with a healing massage it boosts circulation and this process alleviates anxiety, reinvigorates and rebalances.
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During the massage we were also treated with the Airnergy O2 Treatment. The “airnergy” procedure which lasts for about 20 minutes helps with the penetration of pure oxygen and rids your body of accumulated stress and fatigue. Two small tubes were placed in the nose that circulated the pure oxygen into the body.
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The treatment room also features two separate bathtubs and a shower cabin. The Divana Brand Spa have their own line of beauty products which are sensational. I tried the Ginger Green Olive products and they were out of this world. You can purchase their products either at the spa or at the airport. I must say that once we left the Dii Wellness Med Spa I felt as if I was reborn and was walking on air. All the fatigue from the previous days was gone. It was a once in a lifetime luxury experience indeed. I can’t wait to experience such bliss again.

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