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La Prosciutteria – An Authentic Tuscan Experience

by ElenaSergeeva


Walking the streets around Fontana Di Trevi, we came across a small shop called La  Prosciutteria, decorated with hanging pork legs, there was a small wooden table with two benches outside and my eye caught a sticker on the window saying Free Wi-Fi spot. It was early afternoon, this place was still empty and since we didn’t have a proper meal from the morning as it was just our first few hours in Rome we headed for a place serving Italian pasta. After having an ok meal in the restaurant called Forno a Legna located just on a side street off the Fontana Di Trevi that obviously attracted tourists by displaying its high Tripadvisor rating on the window display, we were not that impressed. What I have learned from my experience is that a lot of these places are rated based on a certain price range but you will actually have a basic meal, nothing special and certainly you cannot call it an authentic meal experience. Travelers blindly trust the Tripadvisor sign, which is used as a marketing trick to get you to come in.  Thus after this meal we continued walking around the area and walked passed that attractive little place La  Prosciutteria, this time there was a queue, the place was packed with locals, soft music was playing and the atmosphere looked very inviting. When travelling I am always in the search of authentic places and experiences thus I decided to try this place out and I was glad I did.


The décor is simple but unique and reflects the farming culture that is focused on saving and recycling. The ceiling is made of old wooden doors, the tables from wooden wine boxes, chairs from the sawn off old benches. Everything is so carefully put together, the simple stuff that is brought back to life, to serve the new generation of visitors who will appreciate the tradition of the previous Tuscan generations. The store is very small but here space is used wisely, the box shelves on the walls are used to display the wines and other produce which you can also purchase to take back home.

The menu consists of salami, different types of prosciutto, cheeses and wine. You can select a small, medium or large platter which is served per person. We ordered a small platter for two which you can see in the photos and a bottle of excellent red Tuscan wine which was recommended to us by the helpful manager. The following day we came here again! This tells you how much I loved this place and it is a must try for anyone visiting Rome. I am sure you will love it as much as I did.

DSC_0143IMG_7503 IMG_7507 IMG_7544 IMG_7575La Proscuitteria , Via Panetteria 34, Roma

Tel: +39 06 6786990

Metro Linea A Barberini or Spagna


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