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Lunch at Steve Café & Cuisine

by ElenaSergeeva

Ursula and Gunther of myVideoMedia, Tiffany of Wanderblush, Rese of Chronicles of Rese, Ethan of The Travel Word, Ms Thai

After the first half of the day spent exploring the wonders of Bangkok, and our visit to the Grande Palace, Ms Thai took us for lunch at Steve Café & Cuisine by the Riverside.
Steve Café & Cuisine can be found in two locations in Bangkok, one in Sathorn road and the one we visited is housed in an original 60-year old riverside house with the view of the Chao Praya river. Before entering the restaurant we had to remove our shoes which is a common practice when entering a Thai home.
Thailand-pfh-90 Thailand-pfh-89
We were welcomed by Steve the owner of the restaurant who runs his family business with his wife Pat. In Thailand everyone uses a Western nickname so Steve used his to name the restaurant.
Thailand-pfh-91 Thailand-pfh-81Steve Café & Cuisine is a home cooked style restaurant serving traditional Thai cuisine. They have an extensive menu that you can choose from, but Steve made the selection of serving some of his signature dishes.

Spicy Lemon Grass Salad


Deep fried Prawns with Tamarid sauce


Crab spring rolls


Fried squid in yellow curry sauce


Keen Hung Ley Moo (Pork curry)


Green curry with pork


Coconut soup with Chicken


Deep fried Sea Bass with three sauces

All the dishes were excellent, but I especially liked the spicy lemon grass salad and the deep fried prawns. All dishes are served with Thai rice that is why all the meats are cooked in sauces. After our original meal we enjoyed some fruit with spicy jams. I also tried a sweet local drink that is called Butterly pea drink and it is prepared from a flower.
Thank you Steve for your hospitality. Do you like Thai food? Let us know which is your favourite dish by commenting below.

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