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SkyMap: Why a Printed Map is a trusted traveling partner

by ElenaSergeeva

In our rapidly evolving world using traditional printed maps may sound like old-school to many, yet paper remains to be a trusted source. Although GPS systems have become the new norm in providing directions, these highly sophisticated tracking devices have their limitations too. Despite its continuous evolvements, many will agree that on numerous occasions their GPS has sent them wildly off course or simply would be of no use in areas of spotty coverage. 

Printed maps may not offer as comprehensive views on roads and buildings, but they also don’t rely on fully charged phone batteries or excellent cell phone signal. Paper maps remain to be the basic, trusted way of getting around without having anyone tracking your whereabouts. Privacy at last! Having a paper map in your back pocket is always a safe bet. 

SkyMap: Celebrating 30 Years of hand-drawn maps 

Thirty years ago Mark Ritchie travelled all the way from Australia to find his calling in Greece. His entrepreneurial drive combined with his passion for marketing gave birth to a business idea of creating hand-drawn maps for tourism business across the country. 

His first assignment landed him on the island of Kos where he met George Papoutsakis a fresh graduate of Alpine Center, the Swiss Hotel & Tourism Management School in Greece and that’s how their business partnership was formed. 

Shortly after meeting George, Mark met Camilla Clement who is largely responsible for the company’s expansion into the European markets. The three of them together, along with their talented artistic and management team have brought SkyMap to the forefront of illustrated maps in over 30 destinations worldwide.

As the saying goes, we don’t meet people by accident, they are meant to cross our path for a reason. 

Meeting with the SkyMap team in their offices in Glyfada

The traditional craft of cartography has been around for centuries and remains to be a trusted source of information about the world. Modern day artists have implemented their own unique skills turning today’s paper maps into a highly-appreciated form of art. Producing these masterpieces is a timely process. As Mark explained, some of the larger maps can take over a year to illustrate.

1 Million printed maps a year – paper still thrives in the digital age

If you think printed maps are out of fashion, you might actually be wrong. Every year the SkyMap is printed in one million copies – numbers do tell the real story. 

The 3-D SkyMap is produced annually for several popular Greek destinations. Look out for your own free copy when visiting Mykonos, Santorini, Naxos, Paros, Ios, Sifnos, Milos and Skiathos. It is the most up-to-date guide to dining, shopping, entertainment and hidden gems of each island. 

Hip European City Maps

Photo credit: Clear Channel

Over the years the brand has also expanded to other major city destinations in Europe and currently can be found at the airport of Copenhagen in Denmark. 

Printed Maps as Collectibles 

For some people a printed map is a memory that rekindles a cherished experience they once shared. Travelers often keep maps with other mementos as souvenirs, to remind them of the wonderful adventures they once had. Others keep maps as collectibles for artistic displays or as part of a collection for historical purposes. There are plenty of reasons to love a good paper map. 

Paper Maps make a great first impression 

Our team of travel designers use SkyMaps during our welcome meetings with our clients. Unfolding the beautiful map and laying it out in front of the clients gives a more personal introduction to the destination. Highlighting recommended sites and places to visit – gives our guests an instant sense of direction, and a better visualisation, something a phone screen cannot capture. 

Printed Maps for your Hospitality Business 

Large resorts with many outlets and facilities usually opt for printing a personalized map of their property. It is a great way to assist hotel guests with getting a sense of direction and how to best navigate around the resort. The map can also be enhanced with information about the island, and offers a fantastic opportunity to promote different hotel services and excursions. 

Want to create your own personalised map for your business? Get in touch with the SkyMap team at info@skymap.gr

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