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10+1 International Travel Bloggers share their Passion for Greece

by ElenaSergeeva

A short survey was conducted where 11 International Travel Bloggers were asked to answer six questions and share their experiences in Greece. Here is what they replied to the fourth question — where they were asked to describe their Passion for Greece.

If you had to describe your Passion for Greece, what would that be? 

“I am in love with the diversity that Greece offers. It is a country with great history and tradition, along with beautiful beaches, great food and picturesque villages.” Chrysoula Manika, Greece, Travel Passionate blog


“The incredible sense of history, the fantastic food, and the incredibly welcoming and friendly people!” Sean Boyle and Jennifer Evans,USA (and beyond!), Venturists 


Photo of Meteora by: Venturists

“My passion for Greece is for her light. The light in Greece is like no other I’ve seen anywhere else. I feel as though Greece is under a big, warm, glowing spotlight, illuminating everything as if you’re seeing it for the first time. The combination of her light and her natural beauty makes Greece a truly stunning destination.” Maria Carras, Greece, Sun + Shine blog

“To share the beauty and the culture with the rest of the world.” Villy Manolia, Greece, Villy Ventures


Photo of a boat in Chios by: Maria Carras

“My Passion for Greece comes from the inspiration it has given me as a writer. I’m having a wonderful experience living here and getting to know and appreciate a culture and world that is different from my own.” Marissa Tejada, USA living in Greece, My Greece, My Travels and Chasing Athens

“My trip to Hydra ignited my passion for wanting to visit all the islands!” Alisa Kennedy, American expat living in Ireland, Travel Sandwich 

“The genuineness of its people. They allow you to just ‘be’ and if they like you, are incredibly warm. And feed you well! ” Rebecca Hall, British living in Greece, Life Beyond Borders blog 


“I believe Passion for Greece is a great promoter and also a great platform for travellers and bloggers, with awesome visuals and content. It is a friendly, open space, dedicated to compiling and sharing with the world extraordinary images of this unbelievably rich place. It is an invitation to travel and discover.” Silvia Martin, Belgium, Silvia Martin Travel blog


Photo of Elafonissi Beach in Chania, Crete: by Passion for Greece

“Greece is a country where you can truly have it all. Amazing food, beautiful weather, hiking, skiing, swimming, sailing, and of course city life. Personally the reason I keep going back to Greece is for the food. There’s always something new to discover and I never – ever go hungry! ” Amanda Mouttaki, American living in Morocco, Maroc Mama 


“In love with Athens is an understatement. My Ethos on Greece is “To Live Like a Local if Only for Two Days!” One must Live, Breath, Dream, Eat and Love Greece to feel her true rhythms. The Greek God’s chose this land as their home and I followed suit with pleasure!” Costas Psarros, Greek/British, Table Salt


We encourage you all to unite in this effort to support Greece during these challenging times and to show the real Greece that we have all come to love so much! Thank you for sharing this article with your friends and family! Let’s spread our Passion for Greece

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