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11 International Travel Bloggers share the best places they have been to in Greece

by ElenaSergeeva

A short survey was conducted where 11 International Travel Bloggers were asked to answer six questions and share their experiences in Greece. Here is what they replied to the first question.

Photo of Chios by: Maria Carras

11 International Travel Bloggers share the best places they have been to in Greece

Which is the best place you have been to in Greece?

“With a question like this, I have to stay true to my heritage – and with good reason. My family is from the island of Chios — the fifth largest Greek island, located in the Aegean sea, a mere 30-minute ferry ride from mainland Turkey and a 30-minute flight from Athens airport. From the tulip blooms in March, to the mastic tree orchards in the South; from the black- pebbled beach of Mavra Volia, to the crystal clear waters of Nagos; from the stunning medieval village of Mesta, to the haunting ghost town of Anavatos, there is so much to see in Chios. With its rich history (Christopher Columbus is rumoured to have come from here), unique beaches, mouth-watering food, breathtaking mountain and sea views, Chios has so much more to offer than your typical Greek island getaway. Rarely making the list of ‘must-see Greek islands’ Chios truly is one of Greece’s many hidden gems.” Maria Carras, Greece, Maria Carras Creative

“The best place (s) for me in Greece are the Greek islands. They are all so wonderful to visit and to get to know. One of the most memorable island destinations is Santorini. It is so unique compared to all of the islands. As for one of my favourite islands in general I’d say Ithaca. It’s small, green, less touristic and has a wonderful energy about it. I also discovered Naxos last year and that was great too. There are so many…. This is a problematic question… LOL.” Marissa Tejada, USA living in Greece, My Greece, My Travels and Chasing Athens

ithaca2_webPhoto of Ithaca by: Marissa Tejada

“We loved Athens, with all of the ancient ruins. We also loved the islands, especially Hydra, with it’s laid back atmosphere – we wish we had spent more time there on our last trip. Next time!” Sean Boyle and Jennifer Evans,USA (and beyond!), Venturists



Photo of Leros by: Rebecca Hall

“Leros Island in the Dodecanese. Oh, and Rhodes Old Town. Oops, that’s two places! I don’t think it’s possible to name just one.” Rebecca Hall, British living in Greece, Life Beyond Borders blog

“I love the Greek islands. My first visit to the country we cruised to several different places and I remember Mykonos fondly. Not for the party scene (I was too young) but for the blue water. That blue has always stuck with me.” Amanda Mouttaki, American living in Morocco, Maroc Mama

“There’s this wonderful place that fascinated me as a child when I first visited Greece – which is, by the way, the first country I have ever visited. I was then 11 and I remember that Meteora and its monasteries stole my heart. I saw a pomegranate tree there, something I had only read about in fairy tales – I thought that was magic. After all the travel I have done in the meantime, I am still eager to go back to that place again!” Silvia Martin, Belgium, Silvia Martin Travel blog


Photo of Chania, Crete by: Chrysoula Manika

“Although it is difficult to decide since Greece is a very beautiful country I would choose Chania in Crete. Chania is a picturesque town with great food, hospitable people and exquisite beaches nearby.” Chrysoula Manika, Greece, Travel Passionate blog

“Chios!” Costas Psarros, Greek/British, Table Salt

“It’s very hard to just name one place as there is such a variety of different places around the country, from mountainous winter villages to hidden little islands one can escape all year round.” Villy Manolia, Greece, Villy Ventures



Photo of Hydra by: Alisa Kennedy

“I absolutely adored the island of Hydra! I felt like I took a leap back in time – without the presence of cars, there is an old-fashioned feel that lacks all the distractions of modern society. It’s a place that you can truly relax in. Your only concern is the drink in front of you and which shop you are going to go into next to chat up with the locals – the local people love to talk!” Alisa Kennedy, American expat living in Ireland, Travel Sandwich

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