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15 reasons to visit Greece in 2019

by ElenaSergeeva

15 reasons to visit Greece in 2019

If you would ask someone randomly where they would like to go on holidays, no doubt Greece will be amongst their top destinations to visit. Greece is a country which is on everyone’s bucket list. To make your holiday planning easier we have compiled a list of 15 reasons to visit Greece in 2019.

1. The Acropolis: A unique masterpiece of the ancient times

Acropolis is a name that derives from an ancient word “akro” which means on the edge, and this is exactly what this monument is, it stands on the edge of the city of Athens. An imposing monument that must be visited at least once in your lifetime.


2. The Temple of Poseidon

Located on the southernmost tip of Athens lies the Temple of Poseidon which was built to honour the god of sea, Poseidon. The temple is located at the same distance from the Temple of Aphaia in Aegina and the Acropolis, forming the Sacred Triangle. Make sure to visit Cape Sounio during sunset.


3. Athenian Riviera, the jewel of Athens

Athens is a coastal city that extends from coast to coast, starting from Pireaus and reaching all the way to areas of Glyfada, Voula, Vouliagmeni, Varkiza and the southernmost tip of Athens which is Cape Sounio. If you think that the French Riviera is impressive, you haven’t been to the Athenian Riviera. A good reason to come to Greece in 2016!


4. The Acropolis Museum

Being one of the most impressive museums in the world, the Acropolis museum opened its doors in 2009. The highlight of its design which makes it a must see is the transparent glass floor/ceilings, that allow light to flow effortlessly through the entire building, further emphasizing the visitors experience. From the second floor you can admire the view of the Acropolis while enjoying a cup of coffee or wine. One of the highlights of visiting Greece.


5. Farmer’s market selling fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, meat and herbs

During your holidays in Greece make sure to visit a farmer’s market. You will be amused with how the farmers try to sell their produce. It is an experience of a kind. In Athens, you can visit the central market which is the Varvakios Agora that sells fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, fresh meat and fish.


6. Greek Souvlaki

You can’t leave Greece without trying the souvlaki, either kalamaki which is on a stick, gyros or gyros tilichto. Warning! You might become so addicted that you will want to have it every single day during your holidays in Greece.


7. Greek wine: an endless choice of exceptional wines

Savour a great variety of exceptional Greek wines, by visiting a winery in Athens such as Domaine Costa Lazaridi or Papagiannakos winery or other wineries located all over Greece.


8. Flisvos Marina, your yacht destination in Athens

Enjoy a walk, coffee or meal at the Flisvos Marina. Whether you are mooring your yacht here or coming to spend the day, this is a great place for the whole family.


9. The Greek cats – they rule the country

You will spot the Greek cats everywhere, whether you are in Athens or on a Greek island these mascots will charm you, no doubt about it. They love to be photographed too!


10. Greek food

You are guaranteed to fall in love with Greek food, no wonder that the Cretan diet is considered one of the healthiest diets in the world. Everything from Greek salad, cheeses, moussaka and many more delicious dishes from all over Greece will guarantee a holiday of a lifetime.


11. Get lost in the narrow streets of Hydra

The island of Hydra is located in a close proximity from Athens, you can even come here for the day. A picturesque island where its main transportation are the donkeys.


Photo credit: Alisa Kennedy

12. Vitamin Sea

Greece is known for its picturesque, clear blue water beaches, many of which have been awarded the Blue Flag for their cleanliness, quality of water and facilities.


13. Olive oil – The best in the world

Greek olive oil is no doubt the best in the world. During your holidays in Greece you will get the chance to taste plenty of it as it is served with most of Greek dishes. It is very healthy too.


14. Traditional Greek villages

There are many traditional Greek villages found both on the islands and mainland Greece. Some have preserved their traditional character better than others.


15. Santorini

An island that needs no introduction — Santorini. The most photographed island of Greece has been voted as one of most romantic destination in the world. Santorini is visited by millions of tourists yearly who come here to capture the famous sunset of Oia.


Photo credit: Travelpassionate

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