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17 Trip Defining Things You Must Do In Uluwatu

by ElenaSergeeva

Uluwatu is the new popular place on the scene in Bali with more people deciding to relocate there.

It is most famous for its surfing culture and there are many dedicated surfers who spend their days riding the waves at the beaches there and perfecting their craft. 

Besides just surfing though, there are lots of things to spend your time doing in Uluwatu which include visiting tourist attractions such as the GWK Cultural Park or enjoying the views at Uluwatu Temple. 

Your Bali itinerary won’t be fully complete without going to this fabulous paradise town in the south of the island. 

For this reason, I have listed 17 trip defining things you absolutely must do while visiting Uluwatu to make sure you have the best time here!

17 Trip Defining Things You Must Do In Uluwatu – The Ultimate List To Add To Your Itinerary

 How To Get There
 Getting Around
 My Experience Visiting Uluwatu
1. Visit Uluwatu Temple
2. Uluwatu Beach

3. Take A Surf Lesson
4. GWK Cultural Park
5. Ulu Cliffhouse
6. Padang Padang Beach

7. Enjoy An Epic Sunset View

8. Have A Spa Day
9. Go Partying At Savaya

10. Take A Family Trip To New Kuta Green Park

11. Balangan Beach

12. Dreamland Beach

13. Single Fin Restaurant

14. Go Camping For A Night

15. ATV and Swing Fun

16. Play Some Golf

17. Join A Surf Camp



How To Get There

Uluwatu is in the south of Bali and is close to the bottom of the island. 

It will take around 40 minutes to get there by car from Ngurai Airport and 1 hour and 10 minutes from Canggu. If you are staying in Ubud, you can expect it to take the longest time which will be up to 1 hour and 40 minutes depending on the traffic.

We traveled from Seminyak directly to Uluwatu after our trip there and I can imagine it was a lot faster and smoother than coming from Ubud. This is not only because of the distance between the two towns but Ubud traffic can get busy at times and you don’t want to get trapped in it. 

For this reason, I would advise traveling there from Seminyak, Canggu or Kuta.

This will save you time and it makes better sense for your itinerary.

Getting Around

You will be relieved to know that Uluwatu is yet to be taken over by the tourists crowds and many people describe it as the classic old Bali. 

I was pleasantly surprised by the difference in traffic between Uluwatu when comparing it with how hectic the roads are in Canggu and Kuta.

For this reason, it makes more sense to rent a scooter here and it is less risky for those that feel confident enough to drive. There are plenty of scooter rental places all around Uluwatu and they charge prices anywhere from 50,000-70,000 rupiah a day ($3.32 – $4.65) for a standard scooter.

If you do decide to rent one, take the necessary safety precautions which include wearing your helmet at all times and driving carefully. 

Although the rules are more relaxed, the last thing you want to do on your vacation while there is to get into an accident. 

If you don’t want to drive a scooter, you can always rent a car or hire a driver to take you to the places you want to go. 

My Experience Visiting Uluwatu

During my trip here, I visited several of the popular tourist attractions although I spent a lot of time exploring the different beaches that Uluwatu has to offer. 

The beautiful golden colored sands at Melasti Beach along with the green topped cliffs which surrounded it gave me a special and intimate feeling like no other I had experienced in Bali. 

I also enjoyed swimming in the Indian Ocean for the first time here too!

The second beach I really loved was Balangan beach. The cliffs there overlooked the ocean and were great to gaze over and admire all the surrounding scenery.

Bhre our great guide and WanWan the best driver took us to the top of the cliff so we could get the best view and photos of the beach.

Me and my friend also visited the huge statue at GWK Cultural Park which is one of the biggest and most impressive in the world.

 There are lots of awesome looking statues inside of the museum at GWK too which paint a vivid story of the various Hindu gods which are worshipped in Bali.

Another memorable part of our trip was the visit to Uluwatu Temple. I couldn’t believe how mischievous the monkeys were here. One of the monkeys stole a woman’s glasses which I witnessed with my very eyes. 

I would warn anyone to be careful around the monkeys at Uluwatu Temple because they won’t hesitate to steal from you.

Although they aren’t quite as naughty as the ones at the Monkey Forest (click to see my guide here), it is still important to guard your things if they are nearby.

1. Visit Uluwatu Temple

Opening Times: 7AM-7PM

Entrance Fee: 30,000 IDR for Adults ($2.00), 20,000 IDR for Children ($1.33)

Kecak Dance Show at Uluwatu Temple Ticket Price: 150,000 IDR for Adults ($9.99), 75,000 IDR for Children ($4.99)

Kecak Dance Show Time: 6PM-7PM

Uluwatu Temple was by far one of my most enjoyable experiences while I stayed in Uluwatu and I would definitely go back there again.  Pre-book your ticket here.

 Also known as Pura Luhur Uluwatu, this temple which is the most significant in Uluwatu is believed to have been around for as far back as the 11th Century. 

This makes it 1,000 years old or possibly even older than this!

It is one of the only temples in Bali which is built on top of a cliff and of course, this means it has some truly wonderful views overlooking the cliff edges. Before I watched the Kecak Dance Show, I spent a large majority of my time here enjoying the views and gazing down at the ocean below us.

The height here really creates a picturesque scene and adds a whole new dimension which I haven’t experienced at any other temple in Bali.

The popular Kecak Dance performance at Uluwatu temple starts at 6pm and lasts for one hour until 7pm. During this time, a large group of  Balinese men wearing loincloths dance and make chanting sounds which leads to a trance-like state amongst them. 

Towards the end of the dance show, a dancer who plays as the monkey god Hanuman is blessed by a priest which leads him to being in a trance-like state. He then proceeds to dance inside of a circle of fire and even kicks the fire with his bare feet. 

Considering the performance was a full hour, I can’t say I got bored one time.

Tip: Make sure you don’t miss the Kecak Dance Show, it is a must see and totally worth it!

2. Uluwatu Beach

 Uluwatu Beach is worth visting simply because it is the main beach in Uluwatu.

It is wedged in-between two cliffs on either side and features crystal clear water which is perfect to dip your feet in. 

One of the distinct features of this popular beach is the fact that it has natural caves to walk around and explore. These are a perfect way to escape the crowds and they have the potential to make some epic photos depending on your photography skills.

To get here, you need to climb down a lot of stairs so be prepared for that. 

However, it shouldn’t take you much longer than 10 minutes and I promise it will be worth your time once you make it down. On a busy day, one of the first things you will notice at Uluwatu Beach are the many surfers with their surfboards ready to catch their next wave.

This adds to the overall vibe and is honestly great for watching the pros ride the waves!

Tip: Don’t forget to get some photos overlooking the ocean and add them to your instagram feed.

3. Take A Surf Lesson

As the surfing capital of Bali, it is a great and fun idea to try out surfing in Uluwatu if you haven’t before.

Prices can range depending on the school you go to with some ranging from only $15 a lesson all the way up to $60 and more. This will depend on the experience of the coach you are dealing with and how many hours you want it to be.

Although more expensive, a great option is the Impossible Surf School and they feature 2 and a half hour lessons for all ages and difficulty levels. Private lessons will cost as much as 700,000 IDR ($46) per person which allow you to learn directly from an experienced teacher.

4. GWK Cultural Park

Opening Times: 9AM-7PM 

Regular Entrance Ticket: 125,000 IDR ($8.30)

Ultimate Package: 300,000 IDR ($19.91)

Shuttle Buggy To Statue: 40,000 IDR ($2.65)

The GWK Cultural Park is by far the most interesting place you can visit while in Uluwatu in my opinion and I would absolutely recommend anyone to go. 

The park features a massive statue which is a total of 122 metres in height making it the tallest statue in  Indonesia and one of the tallest in world. In comparison, it is almost the same size as The Great Pyramid of Giza which is roughly only 10 metres higher in total. 

The large turquoise colored statue at GWK depicts the god Vishnu riding a bird named Garuda in search of an elixir. 

By far the most impressive thing you can do here is go to the top of the statue in the escalator. 

They have several viewing windows up there which you can see out of and the inside has a glass floor where you can see how high you are. It is quite a scary experience but equally amazing seeing your feet at over 100 metres in the air from the bottom.

You will really enjoy walking around the large grounds here and there are lots of things to see.

 I walked around the miniature museum which is on the bottom floor of the statue and there are lots various Hindu statues as well as information explaining their significance. Another thing you can do is watch traditional dance performances for free which take place there too.

Tip: Take the escalator to the top of the statue and get a photo taken on the glass floor.

5. Ulu Cliffhouse

Opening Times: 12pm until late

Entrance Fee: Free

Average Hotel Room Price At Ulu Cliffhouse: 2,850,000 – 4,000,000 IDR ($190 – $270)

Ulu Cliffhouse is a signature beach club and hotel known for its stunning ocean views which stretch as far as the eye can see.

 As you might have guessed, this epic beach club is perched directly on top of a cliff in Uluwatu allowing you take in the ocean scenery from a height while taking in the music and party vibes with your friends.

It is great in particular to come in the evenings and you can watch the sunset while sipping on your favorite alcoholic beverage.

The views are probably the most significant part about coming to this beach club although they also have a range of facilities which include:

  • Free Parking
  • Outdoor Swimming Pool
  • Restaurant
  • Free Wifi
  • Bar
  • Spa Packages
  • DJ’s
  • Hotel Rooms

Tip: Book a VIP table with your friends and enjoy a sunset in style.

6. Padang Padang Beach

Padang Padang Beach is another great beach to add to your Uluwatu collection while here. 

This is widely known as a surfing spot and experienced surfers flock in their dozens to catch the high tides here. 

Padang Padang Beach has challenging waves which only the bravest surfers attempt to ride. If you are an aspiring surfer, I would highly recommend coming here and watching the experienced surfers hop on their boards and try to ride these huge waves.

A lot of surfing activities go on here and it can be exciting to see them. 

Besides watching the surfers catch their next big breaks, Padang Padang beach is a good place to simply chill out and relax.

Tip: Grab a cold drink and relax at this stunning beach, you deserve it! 

7. Enjoy An Epic Sunset View

Best Sunset Places in Uluwatu: Jaran Hill, Single Fin, Uluwatu Temple, Ulu Cliffhouse

If you are a sunset lover, Uluwatu is the place to be in Bali!

This is because of the high elevations all along the coast which make for incredible viewing spots.

Although Uluwatu Temple is a classic and the place I would recommend for enjoying a sunset, you can also go to Jaran Hill which is another popular sunset spot. 

Jaren hill is particularly good to get standing photos in the evening because you can see the ocean and cliffs right behind you.

Tip: Get a photo taken on the edge of Jaran Hill during sunset and make all of your friends jealous.

8. Have A Spa Day

Although there aren’t as many quality spas in Uluwatu as Ubud or Seminyak for example, there are still a few which are worthy of going to for a relaxing experience. 

Your choice will of course depend on your budget with the most expensive being the Bulgari Hotel Spa all the way to the less expensive spa treatments you will find in most local massage parlors.

If you are looking to spend more money for the best quality spa treatment, the Bulgari Spa offers an impressive range of treatments that you can find here.

9. Go Partying At Savaya

Opening Hours: 1PM-10PM (can be later depending on the event)

One of the exciting things that I love to do when I am in Uluwatu is go to the events that are on at Savaya.

 This place is the celebrity central of the island with lots of top artists and DJ’s coming there from all over the world. 

If you hear about a famous singer or rapper coming to perform in Bali, they are most likely going to Savaya.

The most recent one was Jason Derulo which some of my friends went to and they really enjoyed it.

Savaya is the instagram influencer central of Bali and I am surprised that there aren’t more travel websites mentioning it. While discussing Savaya, it is important to mention that it is not cheap so be prepared to spend some cash if you want to book a table.

Tip: Look out for free entry opportunities via guestlists on the Savaya website. You might be able to get in for free when typical prices are considerably expensive!

10. Take A Family Trip To New Kuta Green Park

Opening Times: 10AM-6PM

Entrance Price: 30,000 IDR ($2) for Adults, 20,000 IDR ($1.30) for Kids

If you are looking for a family-friendly activity while you are in Uluwatu, look no further than New Kuta Green Park. 

This amusement park is perfect for kids and has waterslides and lots of other rides they can play on. 

Not only is this place great for a family day out, but it is also very cheap for tourists considering all the things you can do here.

Besides New Kuta Green Park, an alternative option close to Uluwatu is Nirmala Waterpark. 

Nirmala also features a range of different waterslides at a similar price to New Kuta Green Park. The perfect time to stop off at Nirmala Waterpark would be after visiting GWK Cultural Park because they are within a 5-minute drive of each other.

Tip: Entertain the kids for a day by taking them to one of these two waterparks!

11. Balangan Beach

Balangan Beach was another one of my favorite beaches in Uluwatu for its cliff views and I can clearly see why it is currently known as one of Bali’s most beautiful places to visit.

The coolest part about it which me and my friend experienced was being able to climb on top of the cliff next to it and get a perfect view of the beach in its entirety. 

Balangan beach also faces the Indian Ocean and is another spot which experienced surfers come to in their flocks to ride some of the best waves.

The bright white sand surrounded by the rocky cliffs make this dreamy beach arguably one of the best ones to spend your time in Uluwatu.

Tip: Want a perfect beach view? Climb to the top of the cliff at Balangan Beach!

12. Dreamland Beach

Dreamland Beach is another great beach to be discovered by backpackers and tourists alike in Uluwatu.

 As the name goes, this beach is quite the dream with its white sands and bright blue ocean to dip your toes in and cool off. 

Dreamland Beach is another beach for the surfing pros who wish to test their skills against the most challenging of waves. 

For this reason, it is often advised to take caution if you are swimming here with your kids. The waves can get intense at times so you’ll want to make sure you don’t go too far out or it might spell trouble. Nevertheless, this beach is famous in Uluwatu for a reason, and it sees a lot of tourists over the course of a year.

Enjoy soaking up some rays here or grab a tasty mie goreng from the local warung if you are feeling hungry. Dreamland Beach offers practically everything you would want from a holiday beach and you might end up spending a lot longer here than you originally planned.

13. Single Fin Restaurant

Opening Times: 8AM-1AM (Sunday and Wednesday), 8AM-10PM (All other days)

Single Fin Restaurant is known as a popular place to dine and watch a beautiful sunset or two in Uluwatu.

 It is located right next to Uluwatu beach making it a perfect place to stop off after a long day of relaxing and enjoying the sun. Single Fin is a great alternative to Ulu Cliffhouse offering similar views although the food is known to be of particularly high quality.

This special restaurant is a highly recommended spot for tourists as it features tables directly overlooking the ocean below. It can get very packed in the evenings before sunset so make sure to get there at least an hour early to secure your perfect sunset spot!

14. Go Camping For A Night

Camping is not only a good way to save money so you can stay in Bali for longer, but it is also a special experience that not that many tourists have tried on this magical island. Uluwatu is particularly a good idea for camping because of the hilly cliffs which provide a beautiful view to wake up to in the morning.

If you are one of the more explorative types, I would suggest trying out camping in Uluwatu out of all of the other destinations in Bali. This is because it is more secluded and there are more good areas you can stay that are near to the beaches.

One place I think would be absolutely epic to set up a tent would be on Karang Boma cliff. You could set it up right on the edge and have a view of the entire ocean to yourself for a night or two.

Not a bad idea at all for the adventurous ones out there!

15. ATV and Swing Fun

Opening Times: 9AM-5PM

Bali ATV Bukit Sari is the best ATV trekking company in Uluwatu and they offer various ATV adventure packages.

If you haven’t drove an ATV before, this is a lot of fun and it definitely gets the adrenaline pumping.

This activity basically involves driving through different terrain in Uluwatu including jungles and rivers. Bali ATV Bukit Sari provide basically everything you need including safety equipment and a guide to make sure your experience is as smooth as possible.

Another thing you can do there is go on the swing which goes high in the air. They offer both a swing and ATV package on their website which you can find by clicking here.

16. Play Some Golf

Opening Times for New Kuta Golf Course: 6AM-6:30PM

One thing I recently discovered is that Uluwatu actually has a golf course and it is supposed to be very good. 

This is known as New Kuta Golf Course and it offers both a driving range and large golf course on the edge of a cliff (pretty epic right)!

It is a whopping 210 acres long in total and is a classic 18-hole golf course meaning you can play a full game of golf when you come here with your friends. 

New Kuta Golf Course also features the following facilities:

  • Hotel
  • Restaurant
  • Entertainment Lounge
  • Spa
  • Shop

17. Join A Surf Camp

A surf camp is essentially a way in which you can bond with other surfers and travelers while learning how to surf at the same time. These are both fun and not too strenuous on beginners who can take it as slow as they want to.

There are lots of different surf camps all over Uluwatu and I was surprised to find out that they are rarely ever mentioned. Surf camps are a great way to connect with other people and make new friends based on surfing. Here is a list of some popular surf camps that are currently offered in Uluwatu:


1. How Is Uluwatu Different From Other Places In Bali?

Uluwatu has a big surf culture and it is less popular among tourists compared with most of the other towns in Bali. I would describe it as yet to be fully discovered and for this reason, it is a great place to get away from the crowds and enjoy its special beaches. 

There are plenty of beautiful beaches in Uluwatu and it has the most out of anywhere else in Bali. This combination itself separates it from other popular areas such as Kuta or Canggu and gives it a special advantage.

2. What Is Your Favorite Thing To Do In Uluwatu?

I definitely enjoyed Uluwatu Temple as mentioned earlier but my favorite thing to do here is simply relaxing on the many beaches that it has to offer. 

It is not often that you can come to a town and experience so many amazing beaches all in close distance from each other. 

I think it is wise to make the most of them during your time here as well as maybe trying a surf lesson or two.

3. Is Uluwatu Cheaper Than Canggu?

The good thing about Bali in general is that you can find tonnes of places that are within your price range. I would say that although the prices are similar in Uluwatu to Canggu or any other popular tourist town, you can find cheap prices anywhere you go on the island.

Even in late 2022, the prices for accommodation and food were incredibly cheap and are still cheap to this day. 

4. How Long Should I Stay In Uluwatu For?

I would honestly say that there really is no time limit for Uluwatu

Me and my friend covered several of the significant tourist attractions in a single day including Uluwatu Temple and multiple beaches. 

If you want to just enjoy the beaches and relax, spend as much time as you want as there are many beaches to choose from as mentioned.

I would advise 2-3 days if your time in Bali is short and that should be enough to get a strong feel for everything Uluwatu has to offer.


I hope you enjoyed all of our recommended things to do in Uluwatu.

Whether you are passionate about surfing or you just want to get a feel of what it is like, Uluwatu offers something for everyone and you definitely don’t want to miss coming here!
Make sure you bookmark this page for your next trip to Uluwatu so you remember which places are the best to visit and the beaches you absolutely must go to!

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