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5 Reasons to visit Skala Kallonis in Lesvos

by ElenaSergeeva

Centrally located in the heart of Lesvos, Skala Kallonis has been the island’s crossroad for centuries. This beach resort with a charming harbor has gained tremendous popularity for its exceptional seafood, especially sardines and is home to a number of rare bird species.

5 Reasons to visit Skala Kallonis in Lesvos 

With a passage of time, Skala Kallonis has managed to retain an authentic character and is definitely worth the visit if you find yourselves on Lesvos. Here are our 5 reasons why you should visit Skala Kalloni.

Skala Kalloni Lesvos: Central Location 

Located 45 kilometres west of the capital Mytilene, Skala Kallonis is a fantastic choice for those who wish to explore the island. One of its main advantages is its central location, making it an ideal spot for taking day trips around Levos.  With its picturesque harbour and protected bay, it is also home to one of the best beaches.

The best sardines

The port of Skala Kallonis is home to Lesvos’s sardine fishing fleet. Walking across the shoreline you can admire the numerous colourful boats which dot the harbor. If you do find yourselves here in August you can experience the Sardine Festival, which takes place in the village square every year. We guarantee plenty of sardines, ouzo, music and dancing. Definitely it will be an experience like no other.

Local traditions

Skala Kallonis takes pride in its local traditions which have been preserved until this day. Here you will find everything from a tiny local bakery which produces bread in a wood-fired oven to a local wooden boats master, a craftsmanship which is slowly becoming extinct.

We visited the workshop of Takis Psarodelis who was kind enough to speak to us about his craft. Psarodelis has been working in his workshop which is located at the harbour of Skala Kallonis for over 60 years.

Holding a hammer and slowly working the threat in his hands he spoke about his son who does not wish to continue his craft.

Bird watching 

Visit Skala Kallonis Lesvos

Bird watchers

Lesvos is home to 330 bird species. Surrounding Skala Kallonis there are numerous salt marshes where hundreds of birdwatchers flock every year to spot the different bird species.

During our visit we met Steve Dudley, proprietor of Lesvos Birding and author of A Birdwatching Guide to Lesvos. We got to watch him and his team in action — on the lookout for birds.

Delicious food 

The perfect table spread at Mimi’s

Skala Kallonis harbor is lined with a plethora of restaurants, all serving fantastic food, meze and ouzo of course. We tried several tavernas and restaurants during our stay. Check out our list of Skala Kalloni restaurants.


Set at the central square of Skala Kallonis, this family run taverna offers a selection of traditional dishes. Here you can enjoy both meat and fish dishes as well as appetisers and ouzo.

We had a selection of appetisers such as the Greek salad, fried saganaki cheese, a fantastic Moussaka and chicken souvlaki served with rice and fries.

Mimi’s Taverna 

A local hangout spot which serves great seafood, meze and ouzo of course. We sat here for early lunch and had the best meze — fresh barabounia fish, octopus, sardines, Greek salad, mussels and more.

In Lesvos ouzo o’clock usually starts at 11am.

Dionysos Restaurant 

The restaurant is located on the seafront close to the main square. This is where we met Steve Dudley and other birdwatchers.

We had a selection of appetisers such as the mixed salad, dolmadakia, octopus, fried squid, tuna steak and fresh fish. Everything was excellent.

Caprice Kitchen Bar

This cute restaurant set right on the harbour has a little bit more of a contemporary cuisine compared to the local tavernas in the area.

Refreshing salads, a selection of dips, grilled mushrooms and chicken fillet with white rice were some of the dishes which we tried.

Where to stay in Skala Kallonis?

Natura Studios

During our trip to Lesvos we stayed at Natura Studios located on the central square of Skala Kallonis. The apartments can accommodate two to three people and have a small kitchenette and complimentary Wi-Fi.

Breakfast was served at the backyard/garden and we had fresh orange juice, freshly brewed coffee, traditional bread from the local bakery, homemade jams, fresh waffles with fruit, crepes and omelettes all prepared at Pagotelli, the store managed by the same owners Maria and George who were the best hosts.

With TBG members Chrysoula, Marissa and Amber

Have you been to Skala Kallonis? Let us know by sharing your experience in the comments below.

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