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Agreco Farm in Rethymnon

by ElenaSergeeva

If you are travelling to Crete and wish to experience the rural life of the island than a visit to the Agreco Farm in Rethymnon is a must. The Agreco Farm is a traditional Cretan farm which belongs to the Grecotel Hotels and Resorts. It is located in Adele a village in Rethymnon and is set in a perfect natural environment.


About the Agreco Farm

Although I know the farm well and have tried their products numerous times over the years, it wasn’t until the end of last summer that I finally managed to visit the Agreco Farm.

The visit is definitely worth it as you do not only get to experience the traditional farming techniques but also taste the organic products which are grown on the farm. This place is a perfect destination for families as the little ones can see the animals and get closer to nature in this welcoming environment.


Here you will find the Olive Press where you can see how olive oil is produced, a Watermill, a Wood-burning Oven, a General Store selling vegetables from the farm and a Wine Cellar.



Olive press

We also visited the workshop of Alexandros Androulakis, a Cretan artist whose art exhibition was on display in Athens.



with artist Alexandros Androulakis

At the farm there is also a church were you can actually have your traditional Greek wedding as well as guesthouses.



Crete is an island that is blessed with a great climate all year round which means that it has the ideal conditions for growing fruits and vegetables. The Agreco Farm produces olive oil, vines, wheat flour, vegetables, fruits and herbs.

Agreco Farm – The family zoo

At the Agreco farm you will also get to meet the family zoo – the cute little friends are here to greet you while you enjoy the whole farm experience.


You will see deer, wild goats known as Kri Kri, chickens, donkeys, sheep, rabbits, cows, ostriches, just to name a few. The zoo family here is pretty impressive and I am sure that this is a heaven for kids.



From Farm to Table

After walking around the estate, we go to enjoy the traditional farm dinner at the Taverna which is set among the vineyards and olive trees with captivating views of the Rethymnon Riviera. All the dishes are prepared using the organically grown products. Make sure to come to the Agreco farm an hour before the sunset!


Not only will you witness the magic of the Cretan sunset but also an authentic Cretan meal experience. Those who follow me for a while, know that I have a passion for experiences, and I would definitely recommend this one.


The potato wedges were to die for, and the farm-produced sour milk cheese all accompanied by the locally produced raki were the perfect end to a magical evening. We also had the Cretan rusks known as paximadia, vegetables stuffed with rice and aromatic herbs of Crete, oven baked lamb with roasted potatoes prepared with lemon and oregano and in the end traditional sheep’s yogurt with thyme honey and walnuts.


We had another table to attend afterwards but what I have learned from all the months spent here in Crete, is that you can never say no to the Cretans and your stomach will always be content. I have travelled quite a bit in my life up till today, but no where in the world have I experienced the same hospitality as I have in Crete.


Pay a visit to the Agreco Farm, I am sure that you will love it as much as I did.


For reservations / information: Tel: +30 28310 72129, Fax: +30 28310 72129, Mobile: +30 6947275814

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