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Antiparos is an up and coming, socialite island. It is not jet set, it is more relaxed, a bit more hipster, but most of all it the a must location for younger folks who want to combine hard core watersports such as kite surfing and water skiing, and a buzzing night life. Antiparos is not for the faint hearted! Working hard on the waves deserves you all the night fun you can have (if you are able to get up and do some more water activities the next day, after an entire night of frolicking, of course).


It is typical that the night ends when the sun rises, so keep a pair of sunglasses on you, you may need them at 7am just as you retire to your room. Antiparos is a short ferry away from Paros, usually it takes 20 minutes, and the ferries run on a frequent basis. It is not uncommon for people staying in Paros to jump onto the ferry for the night, to taste the buzzing Antiparos scene! It is very beautifully set up, very tourist friendly, as there is one main pedestrian road which starts at the port and takes you all the way through the various amenities; cafes, trattorias, bakeries, restaurants, and retail shops, until you go further into the main part of the town where tavernas and cafes give way to bars and clubs.


Captain Pipinos fish tavern

Similar to the square situation described in Naousa (Paros), Antiparos also offers this setting, this time it is bars sharing the same square and people from all bars get to socialize with each other randomly and it ends up being a huge meet and greet place! Of course it offers more relaxed options, more secluded locations and beaches, far away from the night crawlers. And how about the fact that the famous “Cast Away” star, Tom Hanks, found his Greek heaven right there, in Antiparos, and is now considered a local as he has purchased a villa there and visits year after year.

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