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Are we really too many?

by ElenaSergeeva

Please excuse the silence of this column lately, actually the last post was written from the airplane seat on my way to Bangkok in October, and it’s not that entrepreneurship got out of my blood, on the contrary it seems to have gotten the best of me. No one promised it would be easy, and yes I actually got to face the dark side the one that you want to drop everything, walk away and pretend it never happened. But here is the news, how can you actually face the fact of going back? You can’t because the only option you have is to go forward and to fight for your dreams as crazy as they may seem. Fail, get up and keep on walking my friend.
People will judge you, they will tell you that basically your vision is shit, yes there is this caliber so watch out my friends, they are your frienemies. The bottom line and the only line here is that you have to block the noises, block the negativity, and focus, focus on making it, not breaking…
In this social world people get confused, a picture may be a thousand words but it doesn’t tell the real story, the struggles, the dark days, the hardship of working and fighting for your dreams. It ain’t  easy but hopefully it will be worth it. As hard as some days might seem, I embrace these challenges, because I know deep down in my heart that no matter how low I fall, I will eventually rise, like the phoenix. If I had t describe myself, that would be it, a phoenix. Burn me, stab me, I will rise.
The point of this post is that I wanted to approach a different subject and that is of the changing trends and where our society is heading. Recently I came across this video of Jane Goodall who said that one of the things she would like to change is “the number of people living on this planet” and she thinks that there is “too many of us”. Such an interesting thought coming from someone who lived to be 81 and counting, but the question here is what is actually the birth and death rate nowadays. From what I see in our millennial society is that many of us are not having children and given the circumstances doesn’t look like we will be having any at all. Not going too far how about Japan, a country that is concerned about its birth rates hitting an all-time low, and we are not talking about a poor economy. So perhaps, afterall Mrs Goodall shouldn’t be concerned about the issues of over population, on the contrary mankind extinction can be the next big issue. We are on the road of becoming the rare species.
So what is the concern here? The concern is where have the values of having a family go, where is the motivation when everything has become so mediocre. Life is plastic, so fantastic…
Food for thought my friends, where are we heading next?

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