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Best Restaurants on Naxos

by ElenaSergeeva

The charming island of Naxos is a perfect getaway for those who wish to combine history with beach vacation and to indulge on seriously delicious food at the island’s local restaurants.  After having spent a week on the island here is our list of the best restaurants on Naxos.

Best Restaurants on Naxos

Where to eat in Naxos? Please refer to our guide below.

Popi’s Grill

Harbor of Naxos 

Best restaurants on Naxos

Centrally located at the harbor of Naxos overlooking the mooring yachts and the Aegean Sea, Popi’s Grill is one of the oldest and best restaurants in Naxos which opened in 1948. Today the taverna is managed by the fourth generation of the Margaritis family serving traditional Greek dishes prepared using the family’s authentic recipes. It is one of the best restaurants in Naxos

The Margaritis family prides themselves on using homegrown vegetables, their own olive oil and wine. The restaurant is managed by the two sisters Georgia and Katerina, but you will also get to meet their mother Popi who spends some hours sitting at the restaurant.

Georgia oversees everything prepared at the kitchen as she herself cooks most of the dishes.  Here you can enjoy a generous selection of fish and meat dishes. We dined at Popi’s Grill a few times during our stay and tried everything from calamari to grilled meats, souvlaki as well as Georgia’s delicious omelettes.

I definitely recommend that you try the Naxian grilled cheese called saganaki which is topped with freshly squeezed lemon, the best Naxian potatoes grown  on the family’s farm, the juiciest Greek style burgers called biftekia and Georgia’s renowned Moussaka.

The restaurant has both outdoor and indoor seating, the prices are moderate and hospitality is at its best. At Popi’s Grill you are not only guaranteed to have a freshly prepared meal but also make friends with the locals. Georgia and her family made us feel right at home.


Castle Area, Chora Naxos

+30  22850 22375

Set on one of the narrow alleys of the historical Castle of Naxos, this restaurant serves high-quality dishes in a beautiful environment. The chef combines local Naxian products to create Greek dishes with a hint of contemporariness and the results are simply fascinating. It is advisable to book a table at this restaurant, as it can get pretty busy during the high season. 

Yialos Taverna – Agios Georgios Beach 

The absolute Greek experience! Dine while your toes are touching the sand, gazing at the beautiful Aegean sea, and relaxing with the sound of waves.

Yialos Taverna prepares delicious dishes using only high-quality local products. Seafood is definitely their specialty. Great for sharing appetizers and the prices are very reasonable as well.

Flamingo Restaurant 

Sea Front Naxos

Enjoy unique views of the Chora and the port of Naxos, while indulging in delicious Greek homemade food. The favorable location of the restaurant sets the perfect spot for sunset lovers! Flamingo Restaurant is the ideal all-day destination, as it serves breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, and also drinks! Enjoy live music during the evenings, which elevates the atmosphere beautifully!  

In 1991 Apostolis, the owner of the venue, spotted some beautiful and strange birds at the location, which he found where a couple of flamingos – something rare in Greece! This is where the restaurant took its name from.

L’Osteria Restaurant & Wine Bar

Chora, Naxos 

If you are looking to try something other than Greek food, this quaint little Italian Restaurant and Wine Bar set inside the picturesque streets of Chora is a perfect choice.

The cozy courtyard offers a romantic setting for a memorable evening.  Due to its small size, reservations are highly recommended. The menu serves everything Italian and you can also try a few dishes prepared on the day.

For starters we had beef carpaccio, the portion was very generous and a mixed greens salad with a fruity dressing. There is also a vegan section on the menu from which we savored the pan-fried tofu cubes with soy and sesame seeds served on pumpkin cream.

The main dishes were equally excellent, there is a selection of meat, fish and pasta dishes. My friend Marissa went for the pork roll filled with plums and pine nuts cooked in a Syrah wine sauce, served with bio rice.

I opted for a fish dish and tried the spicy lemon crispy breaded gilt head sea bream fillet with couscous timbale. We ended the meal with an Italian tiramisu.

Italian tiramisu

Palatia Restaurant 

Agia Anna Beach 

This traditional Naxian restaurant enjoys a prime location right on the Agia Anna Beach. The cafe – restaurant is an all day destination and operates from April to October. The menu is prepared based on traditional Naxian recipes using locally sourced products.

The restaurant is designed in a Cycladic style with indoor seating as well as outdoor tables set right on the sand from where you can enjoy the mesmerizing sea views under the starry Naxian sky. We tired the tomato and cucumber salad topped with corn, greens and sesame seeds as well as the fantastic fried feta cheese drizzled with honey.

Do try the fava dish made from yellow split peas which is served with sun-dried tomatoes, capers, caramelised onions and drizzled with balsamic vinegar sauce. There are different variations of this dish depending on where you try it. For main course we tried pork cooked in a garlic sauce served with Naxian fries.

Naxos restaurants: Santana Beach  

Agia Anna Beach 

Santana Beach is an all day venue combining a beach club, restaurant and luxurious beachfront accommodation. Here you can enjoy everything from a hearty breakfast to cocktails on the beach, lunch and dinner with a fabulous view.

The organized beach is a perfect spot to enjoy the sunshine in a relaxing, fun environment. The venue is also ideal for weddings. In the evening the atmosphere is magical as the beach is lit up creating a wonderful summer setting to enjoy a relaxing meal. For starters we had an eggplant salad and the Naxian fries of course. You simply cannot resists the fries when on Naxos.  Marissa had a schnitzel and I went for a seafood spaghetti.

The menu has a great selection of appetizers, salads, platters to accompany wine, pasta dishes, pizza, home cooked dishes like Mousska as well as sea food and grilled meat dishes.

Gorgona Restaurant 

Agia Anna Beach 

Gorgona translating as mermaid is one of the largest and best restaurant located on the beach of Agia Anna. This family-run taverna has been around since 1970 serving fresh fish and seafood dishes. An all day menu serving coffee, lunch and dinner.

We came here for lunch with our friend Georgia from Popi’s Grill. We had a selection of salad dips (tuna salad, cheese, crab salad, eggplant salad), Naxian potatoes, Greek salad and a seafood platter with the best fresh squid or calamari in Greek, shrimps and barbounia (red mullet).

There is also a large selection of home cooked dishes which you can choose from which are on display.

The restaurant is spacious and has an indoor and outdoor seating area overlooking the sea.

We hope that you find our list of some of the best restaurants on Naxos useful. Have you been to Naxos? If you have any restaurants to recommend do let us know by commenting below.

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