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Havana: Luxury of a different era

by ElenaSergeeva

In search of luxurious destinations across the globe, there is one place that exudes a certain intoxicating charm of luxury that takes you back in time to the glory days of Cuba, between the 1920’s and the1950’s, filling the Caribbean island with a vintage ambiance that is simply enchanting.
Havana’s allure is an amalgam of its diversity that is manifested of course in its people, being a multi-ethnic country, but is also immediately evident in its stunning and varied architecture.

The visitors of Havana should expect to be surrounded by grandiose buildings that display a blend between colonial, neoclassical, art deco, art nouveau and baroque, a perfect representation of the diversity that is instilled in its culture. While in Havana, the savvy traveller should make note to definitely visit the following iconic buildings: El Capitolio in Vedado district, as well as the Gran Teatro de la Habana, while the Havana Cathedral will impress you in the Old Havana neighbourhood.

Havana Cathedral

Those of you who wish to feel some of the old glamour that is reminiscent of the high life of a different era, the Hotel Inglaterra is the oldest, one of the most historical buildings that surely deserves some attention. Staying true to its original character, it is not up to date with modern luxuries, so those seeking a comfortable stay will perhaps not be fully satisfied from making a booking there, however, it is worth paying it a visit as a landmark in its own right. Similarly, the Hotel Nacional de la Cuba, is perhaps the most striking hotel and built in the 1930s it boasts an old-world decor that is simply disarming.

Havana has much to show for that it may be worth looking into a city excursion that will take you through the most riveting of all the sites of the city Ernest Hemingway fell in love with. One more factor that you can use to your advantage is the tropical weather and the fact that Cuba is the largest island of the Caribbean and has endless beauties to further explore. This opens up more possibilities in terms of maximising your travel experience; consider a boutique cruise of Cuba with optional tours of all the best this captivating country has to offer.

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