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Dining in Zakynthos

by ElenaSergeeva

After having spent the whole day exploring the wonders of Zakynthos, in the evening our host Pigi of Zante Hotels 4 U took us to a very special local tavern. Varkarola is located in the main port of Zakynthos where guests can enjoy both traditional local cuisine and the local live music known as kantades.


Kantades are known to be the characteristic songs of the Ioanian islands which have been inspired by the Italian influence, and are sang by men who have deep voices.

This classical song was sang from a lover to his lady love who would listen to the song from her window or balcony. Zakynthos keeps this tradition in a passionate manner which is something that is unique and not encountered too often. It reminded us of the old romantic days and the courting traditions that are almost becoming extinct.

dining in Zakynthos

For dinner we had Greek salad that is always a must at every meal, local cheese called ladotyri which is prepared in olive oil, aubergines cooked in tomato sauce with herbs, veal stew prepared in tomato sauce served with pasta and rabbit stew prepare with garlic.

Three local men then sat at our table and sang the traditional kantades. It was a great dinner experience that I recommend to anyone who is looking for an authentic Zakynthian evening. After dinner Pigi took us to another beautiful bar restaurant called Portokali, which translating from Greek means orange.


We found ourselves in a green garden, where guests can enjoy house cocktails and dinner in a zen like surrounding. Inside the house is decorated with hand made decor in shades of red and orange and there is also a separate corner for the little guests.



It was Pigi’s birthday so we surprised her with a sweet platter, and after a few delicious cocktails we called it a night.


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