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From Molyvos with love

by ElenaSergeeva

Giorgos pulled over his car and as we stopped to get a first glimpse at Molyvos from afar, and as we got our cameras and phones ready to snap the perfect shot, the first thought that came to mind was sending a postcard from Molyvos with love. Yes, only that was done instantly as we shared our newly captured photos on our instagram accounts… Let’s go an explore Molyvos, said our host Giorgos.

Mithymna or Molyvos

Mithymna is the official name for the second most important town of the island. Its nickname so to say, Molyvos originated in the end of the Byzantine Era and is commonly used until this day.

The town of Molyvos is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that sits on top of a rock, The Castle of Mithymna to be precise, surrounded by picturesque stone houses set on cobbled streets, shaded by aged plane trees.

Walking in the narrow streets of Molyvos you will find yourself in a garden of bougainvilleas, jasmine and blossoming rose bushes that add a magnificent aroma to this unique destination.

Hidden from the tourism masses, Molyvos is a unique gem in the Aegean Sea where one can experience the true meaning of luxury.


Let me define what I mean by luxury, when you arrive to Molyvos, time here magically stands still and a minute can become and hour as you get washed away by the tide of simplicity, authenticity and traditional character. The moment you discover Molyvos, you fall in love, in love with what is yet to be discovered.

The Ouzo Effect

Molyvos is rich in history and here you will find ruins which date back to the Archaic and Hellenistic time, from the Roman Aqueduct to the Byzantine and Venetian castles which dot the magnificent coastline.

One side of the harbour of Molyvos is mapped out by the multi-coloured wooden fishermen’s boats, which head out to sea by dawn to bring back fresh delicacies just in time for the noon ouzo time.

Oh! yes let me tell you more about the ouzo tradition here which has been around on the island for over 200 years. A renowned drink which is the centre of the island’s gastronomic culture. As Giorgos explained, ouzo drinking time starts as early as 11 am and those who visit Lesvos embrace the tradition, straightaway. This is what my dear friends of Travel Bloggers Greece named the #ouzoeffect


 Octopus and friends

As I whisk you away to the cobbled streets of Molyvos let me tell you that our hosts were simply amazing and in case you missed it you can read all about it in my recent story: Life changing experience in Lesvos. The essence of hospitality here is remarkable, and the people of Lesvos are the ones who will make you fall in love with the island. Their passion for Lesvos can be felt from the moment you step your foot here, even if it is just for a little while.


With my friends of Travel Bloggers Greece: Amber, Chrysoula and Marissa


Marissa and I enjoying Lesvos

We explored Molyvos with Gabriela Vati and after a generous arrangement to have Mr Nikos take us on a ride with his fishing boat, we sat at a traditional taverna located in the harbour called Octopus where we were introduced to the ouzo culture of Lesvos. We had a great selection of fresh seafood dishes, salads, the famous pea dip, and ouzo of course.


Mr Nikos on his fishing boat

From Molyvos with Love is just the beginning of our five wonderful days spent in Lesvos, stay tuned for more stories to come.

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