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Passion for Travel Holiday Jewelry Gift Guide 2020

by ElenaSergeeva

Jewelry has the power to transport and enchant with romance or sentiment. Mark your special occasion with gifts of jewelry for the travel lover and luxury seeker in your life.

Inspired by our world travels, we’ve chosen a few of our favourites to showcase in the first Passion for Travel Holiday Gift Guide. For gifts that are modern and timeless, come with us on a journey around the world with jewelry. 

Alessa Jewelry

Alessa Jewelry was formed when Yuvraj Pahuja and Alessandra Robles studied together at the GemologicaI Institute of America. The couple have an international romance to tell but we’ve found our own stories of travel and luxury represented within their pieces.

Eternal Truth Bracelet by Alessa Jewelry in 18K White Gold and Diamonds ($29,995)

Where to wear it: Monaco

The Eternal Truth by Alessa Jewelry reminds us of nights at the Monaco Casino. Slip this beauty onto the wrist of your Lady Luck and you’re sure to be all aces. 

Infinity Ring by Alessa Jewelry in 18K White Gold with Diamonds ($5,995)

Where to wear it: Zurich 

Glistening like the snow of the Swiss Alps and sparkling like the waters of Lake Zurich – make your moments of love last for all of eternity by putting Alessa Jewelry’s Infinity Ring on your sweetheart’s finger.

Elixir Diamond Bracelet by Alessa Jewelry in 18K Black Gold Hand-Painted with Black Diamonds ($11,995)

Where to wear it: Milan

Milan is known for its high fashion and demands the utmost in style which reminds us of Alessa Jewelry’s Elixir Diamond Bracelet in black gold, hand-painted with black diamonds. Perfect for your stylish man.

Elixir Bracelet by Alessa Jewelry in 18K Black Gold ($8,995)

Where to wear it: Manhattan

If your guy is into a sleek New York lounge scene; If he’s the gin to your tonic, the bass to your treble, may we suggest the Elixir Bracelet from Alessa Jewelry.


For the dreamer on your list. Bubble rings from Dreamboules are made of 18K gold, diamonds and precious stones all afloat within these charming baubles.

Lady by Dreamboule in 18K Rose Gold with White Diamonds, Pink Sapphires and Rubies ($44,500)

Where to wear it: Venice

Ever taken a twirl in Venice during Carnevale di Venezia? Keep the memories forever inside Dreamboule’s magical Lady bubble ring.

Lighthouse and Boat by Dreamboule in 18K Rose Gold, Emerald Solitaire, Mother of Pearl and 24K Rose Gold Flakes ($31,500)

Where to wear it: Mykonos

Evocative sailing trips in the turquoise waters of Mykonos: Fun-filled nights and shopping-filled days interspersed with lounging seaside amongst the beautiful people – almost exactly as portrayed in Dreamboule’s Lighthouse and Boat bubble ring.


With excellence in craftsmanship, knowledge and skills, Tabbah maintains a prestigious reputation amongst jewelry collectors.

Ruby and Diamond Ring by Tabbah in 18K White Gold with Diamonds and a Ruby ($329,000)

Where to wear it: The Russian Tearoom in NYC

For us, we’ve been transported to St Petersburg. The Alexandrinsky Theatre. A glorious night of ballet. Gifting a Tabbah’s ring to your Prima Donna is certain to garner you an encore. 


With roots in both Istanbul and Lisbon, Terzihan combines traditional jewelery making with modern designs. 

Kameleona Multicolour Sneaky Earrings by Terzihan in 18K Rose Gold with Rubies, Blue Sapphires, Emeralds and Diamonds ($8,800)

Where to wear it: Morocco

We know the origins of Terzihan’s Kameleona Collection are in the exotic Amazon, but we love that it inspired the sights, sounds and spices of the souks of Istanbul – the origins of the designer – with these enchanting, bejewelled earrings.

Back X Black Sphera Bracelet by Terzihan in 18K Black Rhodium Plated White Gold with Black Diamonds ($4,900)

Where to wear it: London

Just like London’s classic menswear styles and Saville Row, this Terzihan bracelet is equal parts sophisticated and understated. For the gentleman in your life.

Aisha Baker

Every piece of Aisha Baker’s collection is a reinvention of classic fairy tales translated for the 21st century woman.

The Majesty Rings by Aisha Baker in 18K Yellow Gold with Enamel, Citrine ($17,000)

Where to wear it: Romania

If yours is a fairy tale romance, the Mystere ring is regal enough for your one true love. Taking us back to the castles of Romania – Pele Castle, to be specific: film set for the Netflix movie, The Christmas Prince – we would love to have this piece gracing our fingers.


Expert craftsmanship and works of art, Yeprem designs for women who cherish modern classics.

Y-CONIC Ring by YEPREM in 18K Yellow Gold with Diamonds ($3,360)

Where to wear it: France

Nothing says the ultimate in indulgence like a stroll through the Palace du Versaille. With the elegance of chandeliers dripping with crystals, the Yerpem ring emanates chic French style. Perfect for the woman who has captured your heart.


Images provide by thehouseofluxury.com

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