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Koursaros: From Mykonos to Kolonaki

by ElenaSergeeva

Koursaros is one of the best-selling seafood restaurants on Mykonos. The first restaurant opened its doors over two decades ago in the northern suburbs of Athens. A second restaurant opening  then followed on the jet set island of Mykonos. In Autumn 2016 the Koursaros family traveled from Mykonos to Kolonaki  adding a third restaurant right in the heart of Athens.


Koursaros – Fish n’ Fusion Restaurant

After a warm welcome we were seated at a round table. The atmosphere is formal but very relaxed. Decorated in pastel colours, the interiors are cozy and inviting.


The yellow armchairs add a vibrant touch to the overall ambience. Soft jazz music playing in the background adds a perfect touch to the dining experience.


We first started off with some cocktails. I went for a Koursaros signature version of Bloody Mary, the Ginza Mary with Vodka, shitake, teriyaki tomato juice seasoned with soya drops, lemon, salt and pepper.


Our first offering was a fantastic spicy crab tartar with yuzu truffle oil from the Sushi menu which is only served in the evenings. This was one of my favourite, a very refreshing combination.


We then tried the Mixed salad with squid tempura and wasabi nuts. The flavours and ingredients blended very well together. If you are a fan of mango then you will definitely love the Mixed salad with shrimp, mango and citrus vinaigrette.

Sushi lovers will appreciate the delicious flavours and cooking techniques of the sushi dishes prepared by the famous Japanese Chef Take.  We tried the seared salmon tartar on baby shrimp tempura flavoured in oyster sauce. I usually go for raw fish but this was a fantastic choice for someone who prefers cooked salmon instead.


The menu features meat dishes for those who prefer a juicy steak instead. We tried the Shrimps risotto with white truffle olive oil and the oven baked salmon marinated in a light chili paste served on top of beetroot tartar.


The evening followed with desserts. Firstly we were presented with the Mousse Valrhona chocolate with a crunchy caramelized hazelnuts topping and secondly with a sensational Lemon pie a delightful blend of lemon cream with almond crumble and crunchy merengue. You have got to try it.

The restaurant is a great choice for business lunch meetings, after work meetings and relaxing evenings with friends of course. It is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 12:00 – 01:00. Valet parking is available outside the restaurant in the evenings.


For reservations:
+30 210 3600326

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