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Paros is Cycladic island that offers a more demure travelling experience; it is an excellent choice for tourists who have done the jet set destinations, soaked up the cosmopolitan aura of Santorini and Mykonos, and want to enjoy the typical Cycladic architecture and landscape, but on more relaxed terms. The capital of Paros is Parikia, which is the main port and serves as a hub for other island destinations as well, even Crete! Parikia is also part of an ancient site which is something archeological enthusiasts should check out; apart from a quaint archeological museum, on its outskirts you will find the ruins of a temple dedicated to Asclipius, God of medicine and healing.


Paros is also known for its marble quarries. Parian marbles are exquisite in quality and sought for all around Greece, as a standard of luxury and status in building design. Paros has beautiful locations to offer; apart from the standard Cycladic beaches, which never fail to impress with their crystal waters, a simple walk around Naousa will fill you with picturesque images of local life: fishermen’s boats filled with sea goodies, family run tavernas offering quality and value for money dishes, Cycladic churches and traditional coffee shops.



Furthermore, Naousa has one particular location towards the end of the natural promenade; a kind of square upon which 5 tourist establishments blend. If you are ever in Paros during Easter vacations, this is a no-miss. The party starts gradually as the wine flows, and the establishments offer a package deal with a set menu of typical Easter food and loads of delicious local wine, and the DJ is positioned at sea in one of the bigger fishing boats!

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