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Scorpio’s emotions run deep, and so does entrepreneurship

by ElenaSergeeva

Looking back I must have always had a very loud mind, as far as I can remember my emotions would always run deep, I always liked connections that were far beyond the surface and my mind always kept on over analysing. Astrology must be right, Scorpio’s emotions run deep and they keep on running deep till this day. No matter how many downfalls I face whether in business or in personal relationships the noises just keep on getting louder, some days I try to calm them down and other days an explosion happens which leads to the unexpected. Why am I telling you this? Well one thing for sure, we must embrace our uniqueness, some of us are meant to be more emotional than others and secondly, listen to the noises because they can take you places.
They say you must master the frequency of the noises, it’s an on going challenge believe me and I haven’t mastered meditation yet — not even close, I suck at standing still. I am a master at jumping from one thing to another! But I am also very dedicated to the ones who have inspired me, challenged me and got me on the road of the entrepreneurship. I count my blessing for this challenge, why because I am actually blessed to go against the “you can’t” and try to do something different, to work towards living the life of my dreams. Yes, I don’t need to set an alarm clock, and there is no actual Monday because when you are working towards creating the life of your dreams, every day is dedicated to that and it’s ok! But I wake up early enough whether it’s Monday, Wednesday or Sunday and there is plenty of bonding time with my laptop. It’s an on going process, there are days that I haze off for a while, caught in the dream, trying to fight the ongoing battles. It’s a freaking war zone sometimes, it’s a constant war zone and be prepared to face many monsters on the way. As hard as it can get, it is worth it…no doubt in my heart and deep in my soul and even my sweet, little loud noises in my head agree.
Although I still have great respect for my ex bosses and have a great relationship with them, to be frank I was never happy with having a boss. I like to tune into my own thoughts, to push my boundaries to discover something new. I think I am a sucker when it comes to challenges, and even though I might not always embrace the difficulties 100%, I love being my own boss. It challenges me to become better! Every day I feel like I am not doing enough, that there is always more to learn, to master. Life is an on going learning process and I want to learn, I’m truly hungry for knowledge. And it’s not the kind of the degrees kind of knowledge, have been there and done that but the street wise one. I look for inspiration and inspiring people, but my criteria for inspirational people is quite challenging, the ones I look up to —  are really only a few, and the older I get, well it gets a little more complicated.
This post  is dedicated to the one who inspired me to embark on this journey, the one who made me question where I want to be, the smart mouth that has taught me or better said forced me to learn the life lessons, the hard way — to believe and trust in myself. To the 1%, to the visionary, to you —  thank you for that day, when I met you — it was magical, a fairy tale. The palace, the vision and the dream. Thank you for showing me the way.

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