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Somewhere in the Athenian Riviera

by ElenaSergeeva

Getting lost Somewhere in the Athenian Riviera is a beautiful feeling. Only this time Somewhere is a name of a hotel, a brand new luxury boutique hotel located right in the heart of Vouliagmeni.


View from the Somewhere Vouliagmeni hotel

Featuring only 11 suites in total this brand new property boasts exceptional views of the Vouliagmeni marina. The delicate colour schemes reminds you of a relaxed, home-like environment which is ideal for a memorable evening with your friends or a loved one. If you want to get a glimpse of some of the reasons why I love the Athenian Rivera you can do so in my recent post which I wrote for Discover Greece here.


Bistro Lutetia

Tonight however I will take you on a delicious food journey to the bistro Lutetia. Lutetia is actually an ancient name for what we know today as Paris. Oh ! oui, mes amis. So together with my fellow travel bloggers of Travel Bloggers Greece we got to sample the signature menu which has been created by the renowned chef Christoforos Peskias together with the hotel’s talented Kitchen team — Markos Karakatsoulas, Adonis Kollias and Dimitris Psomas. For a food and cocktail fanatic like myself, I am always up for trying new menus and if the restaurant is located in a hotel, it is even more appealing.


Ginger Power Cocktail

Bistro Lutetia’s menu has been created using sublime fresh produce from land and sea, which comes together beautifully in all the dishes which we tried. First things first, a great evening cannot begin without the perfect cocktail. The cocktail which I chose, the Ginger Power with a vodka base was awesome. Personally, I believe that the right cocktail and presentation are important elements of any evening. They set the tone of what is yet to come. The crystal glass was the type of presentation which is to my liking.


A selection of canapés with salmon, prosciutto and salami

For starters we were served with a selection of canapés with salmon, prosciutto and salami. Then came the appetizers, and let me tell you about the Mozzarella di buffala, the baked cherry tomatoes and the crispy prosciutto San Daniele is nothing like your typical version of the classic Caprese Salad. Mark my words! The Beef Carpaccio, was heavenly served with the caper leaves and truffle oil, topped with Parmigiano-Riggiano flakes. Feeling hungry already? I bet!

If you are a seafood lover, then you will appreciate the Prawns Ceviche, marinated in citruses, mint and basil. A great summer delight.


Prawns Ceviche, marinated in citruses, mint and basil

We also tried the Mizuna and rocket salad with strawberries, pistachios from the island of Aegina, a soft chèvre cheese topped with cranberries. The Quinoa salad with peas, avocado, cucumber and mustard-honey-lemon vinaigrette sauce is an equally excellent choice. It goes without saying that no meal is ever complete without the Greek salad but this specific salad was unique including delicious yellow cherry tomatoes.

Somewhere… there is more


Photographing the food

The starters were just the beginning. We also got to try the creative main courses, the Spaghetti with prawns and bisque sauce, the Grilled Tenderloin with mashed celeriac and vinsanto wine sauce, the Roasted Poussin served with baby potatoes and gravy sauce.


This chicken recipe actually reminded me of a similar dish which I had tried in a popular local restaurant in Cannes — the Pastis. The Grilled Grouper was remarkable served with peas puree, steamed vegetables and a prosecco sauce. Nothing on this menu is left to chance.

The gastronomes will be impressed with this innovative concept of integrating Greek culinary elements in combination with the famed international cuisines. Paired with a chilled white wine, this culinary experience is well worth the visit.

Last but must

I bet you are already wondering how much can we eat, well life is all about these guilty pleasures and there is no fine meal without the fine dessert right? The Key Lime Pie with mango sorbet is definitely a must-try and the Crème brûlée with berries is oh là là! If you haven’t guessed, I am currently revising my French.

Discover and indulge in this sensational menu at the bistro Lutetia, Somewhere, someday. Thanks for reading and stay cool during these warm summer days.

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