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TBEX Asia – Bangkok, October 2015

by ElenaSergeeva

As I have completed writing about all my Thailand adventures, I left the best one for last, and that is the reason why I was in Bangkok in the first place. The reason was to attend the first TBEX Asia which was a great success. I am just a few days away from flying to Stockholm to attend the TBEX Europe 2016, and I couldn’t be more excited to see all my blogger friends whom I have met and kept contact with over the past two years.

My first TBEX event was in Athens in 2014 which you can read all about here. When the announcement was made for the next destination, which happens during the closing keynote, I knew that I had to go.  When the first TBEX Asia destination was announced, I made a promise to myself that I will go, and so I did. It was awesome!

TBEX Asia – Highlights

Here is a recap of some of the TBEX Asia highlights, I am sure that you will spot some familiar faces from the bloggers who were in Athens.

Loi Krathong – Tbex Asia Opening Party

Loi Krathong Festival -5

Jen and Sean, Venturists and Ursula of My Video Media


Loi Krathong Festival -9

With Franziska of Coconut Sports, me met in Athens in 2014

Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre

TBEX Asia was held at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre and there were different stalls showcasing arts and crafts from the Thai culture. Tiffany and I tried mastering the skill of Phetchaburi craftsmen and the gilded black lacquer art with the assistance of Thanin Chuenjai the master craftsman of 2012. I also met Tiffany during TBEX Athens.


Thanin Chuenjai the master craftsman of 2012


With Thanin Chuenjai


Closing Keynote and the announcement of the next TBEX Asia destination

TBEX_Asia_Bangkok-1 To tell you the truth the closing keynote always gives you such a buzz and generates an excitement to find out about where the next destination will be. Everyone is guessing and trying to figure it out based on the clues such as sponsors… and then that moment that everyone is waiting for impatiently comes. The next TBEX Asia will be held in Manila, Philippines from the 13-16 October 2016. Who is going?  TBEX_Asia_Bangkok-5

Asiatique – The Riverfront of Bangkok City

TBEX_Asia_Bangkok-9 The TBEX Farewell party took place at Asiatique – The Riverfront of Bangkok City. After a Muay Thai live performance, we enjoyed an evening of great Thai food and entertainment.


Muay Thai live performance


With the Muay Thai fighter who had attended TBEX Athens to promote Thailand as the next destination


The TBEX organizers together with the Tourism Authority of Thailand

TBEX_Asia_Bangkok-13 TBEX_Asia_Bangkok-12TBEX_Asia_Bangkok-11

Stay tuned for the next TBEX adventures live from Stockholm by following me on my social media accounts.

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