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Rooftop hiking in Stockholm: My Ultimate Challenge Complete

by ElenaSergeeva

If you are reading this post, let me warn you about something — the person writing it has a fear of heights. When my friend and fellow travel blogger Marissa of Travel Greece, Travel Europe signed us up on the tour of rooftop hiking in Stockholm, she knew my ultimate challenge — I am terrified of heights. The good news is that, since I am sharing this story with you today, I made it and no, I didn’t fall off any rooftop. It is completely safe and I definitely recommend it as it has been one of the most exhilarating experiences in my life.  I am proud to say that I have walked the rooftops of Stockholm.

Rooftop hiking in Stockholm – Unique Experience

Our meeting point was the island of Riddarholmen (island of Nobility), right next to the statue of Birger Jarl. It is a small islet located right in the heart of Stockholm, which forms part of the Gamla Stan — the Old Town of Stockholm. The island is used mainly for offices.

Rooftop hiking in Stockholm-13

Aron and Eva giving us instructions on what to expect!

We were welcomed by our guides Aron and Eva from Takvandring Tours who explained that we would go up to the rooftop of the Old Parliament Building. It was Sunday and everything was closed. We headed up to the attic where we were geared up in harnesses and helmets. We also received a plastic case to put in our phones. For safety reasons selfie stick are not allowed.
Rooftop hiking in Stockholm-14

Feeling cool before the actual rooftop hiking experience

Magnificent panoramic and photogenic view of Stockholm

Rooftop hiking in Stockholm-19
Aron spoke about the notable buildings found on the isle of Riddarholmen. The main landmark here is the Riddarholmskyrkan church, which was used as Sweden’s royal burial church from the 17th century to 1950. It is here that a number of earlier Swedish monarchs are buried. Marissa and I visited the church prior to our rooftop hiking experience.

Riddarholmskyrkan church -2

Inside the church Riddarholmskyrkan, one of the oldest buildings in Stockholm

Riddarholmskyrkan church -3
I must admit as I stood there 43 meters above the streets of Stockholm, I was a bit nervous about “being so brave”. We were hooked to a thin metal rail  with something that our guides referred to as “a dog on a leash” that would lead us along the steel pathways which are found on the rooftops. The “leash” would sometimes come to a turn, where we had to use our hand or foot to help it slide to the next level.
Rooftop hiking in Stockholm-17

Panoramic views of Stockholm from the rooftop

Rooftop hiking in Stockholm-3

Eva explaining how to use the leash

Rooftop hiking in Stockholm-1
The tour lasts approximately one hour and fifteen minutes, so you get to walk the whole block. There was some step climbing  involved.
Rooftop hiking in Stockholm-5

Yes, I can do this! Thanks to Marissa for taking the photos!

Rooftop hiking in Stockholm-4

We had to have the camera and the case around our necks so that nothing would fall off the rooftop

Rooftop hiking in Stockholm-16

The top of the Riddarholmskyrkan church and the last strip of rooftop walking

Rooftop hiking in Stockholm-6Rooftop hiking in Stockholm-8
It was quite windy on the day which did make it a little bit more challenging but I guess experiences like rooftop hiking  in Stockholm build character.

“Courage is the most important of all virtues, because without courage you can’t practice any other virtue consistently” Maya Angelou

Rooftop hiking in Stockholm-7Rooftop hiking in Stockholm-18
I honestly feel proud of standing up to my fears of heights, it was an amazing experience and I definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for adventure and a bird’s eye view of Stockholm.


Me and my p rocking the rooftops of Stockholm

Thank you  Takvandring Tours for this once in a lifetime experience! Have you been rooftop hiking in Stockholm? If you are ever in Stockholm and looking for something adventurous, make sure to try it out!

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