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The London Pass: Discover the Highlights of London

by ElenaSergeeva

As technology makes a step forward, we are now introduced with new and advanced solutions of exploring a destination. City sightseeing passes are now available as downloadable mobile apps. The London Pass is an example of such a mobile application which lets you discover the highlights of London.
LondonPass Tower Bridge -1

What is there to see in London?

London is a city which offers its visitors an endless choice of historical attractions, museums, art galleries and various tours. If you have been reading my previous posts, during my trip I visited the London Eye, enjoyed The View from the Shard, discovered the food scene of Soho on a Twilight Soho Food Tour with Eating London and explored the City of London: Walking Tour with Blue Badge Guide. No matter how many times you have been to London there is always something new to discover. If you are visiting London for the first time check out our 7-Day London Itinerary.
LondonPass London Bridge -7
The choice of things to see and do in London can get overwhelming, especially if your time is limited and you would like to make the most of your trip. This is when a city sightseeing pass comes in handy.

How does the London Pass work?

The London Pass is a sightseeing package which lets you design your own itinerary whilst you save money and time —making every minute of your trip to London count. Although you may get free access into London’s museums, the other attractions are pricey.

LondonPass Tower of London-5

The Tower of London

The London Pass gives you access to over 60 attractions, tours and museums including Tower of London, The London Bridge and many more. It is a downloadable app which is available for iOS and Android.  The London Pass can be purchased for 1, 2, 3, 6 or 10 consecutive days and it can only be activated upon entry to the first attraction.

LondonPass Shakespeare's Globe-14

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

The London Pass App is filled with useful information and tips. It has the list of all the attractions, the opening times and contact details. You can also search for attractions based on your areas of interest. It also gives you the price of the entry ticket for each attraction, thus you can have a clear idea of how much you are saving if you add up the cost of visiting each attraction.

LondonPass Tower of London-10

At the Tower of London

How to make the best use of your London Pass   

The key to making the best use of your London Pass is to do your research beforehand. Check out all the attractions, look at the distance between each attraction and the opening hours. London is a big city thus you must also take into consideration the commuting time.

Be strategical and make use of every minute by planning to visit all the attraction which are located nearby. You can do that by using the Google Maps which tell you the exact time you need and the best way to reach your place of interest. If you plan your itinerary beforehand then the London Pass will definitely save you money.

Why buy the London Pass

LondonPass Tower of London-13
One of the highlights of the London Pass is that you get Fast Track Entry which means you can skip the queues. All you do is you show your pass which is also downloadable for the mobile app users. This is especially helpful if you are visiting London during the busy season.  The London Pass gets more economical if you get it for more days. A 1-Day pass costs £59, a 2-Day pass £79 which means that you will be spending £39.50 per day. Take note that the entrance for some of the attractions costs £20 or more.

How I used my London Pass

LondonPass Tower of London-1
I had downloaded the London Pass App on my iPhone before travelling to London. As mentioned it only gets activated when you visit the first attraction, otherwise you are free to use the app and start planning before you actually get to the destination. You can add all the attractions which you would like to see to a favourites lists which saves time going back and searching for them afterwards.

LondonPass Shakespeare's Globe-1

Shakespeare’s Globe

With my 1-Day London Pass which costs £59 I visited three attractions which is because of my limited time as I had something else planned during the day. However I found the app very useful as I had looked at the opening times of the attractions I wanted to visit and planned my schedule accordingly.

In the morning I went to the Shakespeare’s Globe which was open from 09:30 and went around the exhibition which displays artefacts from Shakespeare’s days. The Globe was once London’s most notorious entertainment district. You can learn more about the Exhibition with an audio guide which is included with the London Pass. Afterwards at 10:00 we participated in a 30-minute tour of the fascinating theatre where we learnt more about its colourful history, how it was reconstructed and how it actually works in the modern days.

In the afternoon we headed to the Tower of London which is one of London’s premier attractions where we saw the world-famous Crown Jewels.

We also saw two of the seven ravens who reside at the Tower of London. Apparently legend has it that if the six resident ravens ever leave the court, the court and the tower will fall.

LondonPass Tower of London-8

Two of the seven ravens living at the Tower of London

Afterward we headed to the Tower Bridge which is located at a close proximity from the Tower of London where we crossed the glass floor which stands 42 metres above the River Thames.

LondonPass Tower Bridge -4

The glass floor at the Tower Bridge

For someone who is scared of heights is a challenge, but hey mission accomplished, I even sat on the floor to have my picture taken.

We then visited the historic Engine Rooms and towers which are located below the Tower Bridge.

LondonPass Tower Bridge -6

The historic Engine Rooms at the Tower Bridge

I believe that a city pass like the London Pass is a great way to organize your trip, save time and money if you are keen on making your every moment count. This was my first time using a city pass and my overall experience was very positive. The number one highlight is that you get to skip the queues.
LondonPass Guard Tower of London-1
Get your London Pass online 
1-Day Adult Pass £59
2-Day Adult Pass £79
3-Day Adult Pass £95
6-Day Adult Pass £129
10-Day Adult Pass £159
Children passes are also available online. You may view all the information here: www.londonpass.com.
*Passion for Hospitality collaborated with London Pass for the review,  all opinions expressed are my own.

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