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Do modern Greeks resemble the Greek Gods?

by ElenaSergeeva

A short survey was conducted where 11 International Travel Bloggers were asked to answer six questions and share their experiences in Greece. Here is what they replied to the sixth question when asked if the modern Greeks resemble the Greek Gods. 



Do you think Greek men/women are hot and resemble the Greek Gods/Goddesses? 

“Greek men and women take a lot of pride in their appearance: the four large gyms in my small neighbourhood are evidence of this. In some towns, you’d be hard-pressed to find a single patch of un-tanned skin, a freshly-dyed hair out of place or a piece of clothing without a designer label emblazoned on it. Put these elements together and I think we make for a pretty good-looking bunch. Perhaps not to the degree of Aphrodite or Ares, but close! “Maria Carras, Greece, Maria Carras Creative


“It depends on the individual! I have yet to meet someone carrying thunderbolts and resembling Zeus, so I’ll have to say no. Sorry!” Sean Boyle and Jennifer Evans, USA (and beyond!), Venturists

” Ah… yes of course. There is amazing beauty in every race and culture.” Marissa Tejada, USA living in Greece, Travel Greece, Travel Europe and Chasing Athens


“Well, as a married woman I don’t want to give too much away but I’ll say Greek men certainly are attractive and seem to only look better with age!” Amanda Mouttaki, American living in Morocco, Maroc Mama

“Personally I find Greek men really handsome since I am into brunettes.”  Chrysoula Manika, Greece, Travel Passionate blog


“Ha!  The swarthiness of the Greek man is certainly an appeal for me – alas they come with their mothers too.  Not always a good thing! ” Rebecca Hall, British living in Greece, Life Beyond Borders blog


“As a woman, I couldn’t help but notice how handsome Greek men are: black hair, dark eyes, olive skin – long list. On top of this, they also seem to be well mannered and respectful. And, something I kept telling my Greek male friends in Brussels, they seem to really appreciate women and seek for their attention, which I find hot and manly. So maybe there is some legacy from that Greek Mythology involved… ” Silvia Martin, Belgium, Silvia Martin Travel blog

“For sure there is a connection to the ancient roots.” Villy Manolia, Greece, Villy Ventures


“Yes, absolutely! The best part about them is their warm smile – very genuine.” Alisa Kennedy, American expat living in Ireland, Travel Sandwich

“I think this is a judgement call! Most Greeks are very attractive though.” Costas Psarros, Greece/UK,  Table Salt

What do you think? Do Greeks look like ancient Greek Gods. Would love to read your opinion, please feel free to comment below.

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