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Travel Bloggers Greece – launch of the first travel bloggers network in Greece

by ElenaSergeeva

0104 divajo photographyLast Sunday, 18 January was a very important day for me. Together with my co-founder and fellow travel blogger Marissa Tejada who writes her personal travel blog My Greece, My Travels we launched a brand new project which we have been working on since early November 2014. The event was held at Grecotel Pallas Athena.

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With my co-founder Marissa Tejada

Travel Bloggers Greece (TBG) was recently established to promote the interests of travel bloggers that cover Greece as a travel destination as well as educate about travel blogging, promote authentic travel and increase awareness of Greek travel destinations. Eligible members include travel, photography, food and culture bloggers.
0010 divajo photographyOur event was sponsored by Grecotel Pallas Athena where we spent a wonderful day interacting with other fellow bloggers and discussing the goals and future plans of TBG. We started off with a meeting where we introduced ourselves to other members and spoke about the role of TBG and how it intends to take Travel Blogging in Greece to a different level. All members who joined us on this day had the opportunity to stand up and to introduce themselves and mention a few words about their travel blogs and how they started.
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Following the meeting a rich buffet lunch was served. Grecotel Pallas Athena management and staff have done a wonderful job hosting Travel Bloggers Greece and everyone who came was very impressed with the hotel and the overall hospitality received. After savouring a generous variety of cold and hot dishes, delicious desserts, wine and coffee the event continued with some art in the heart of Athens. Australian artist Mathew Halpin welcomed everyone and spoke about his art, inspiration and politics. His work is currently on display until the 13th of March located on the 1st floor Art Gallery.
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We were then taken on a tour of the hotel where travel bloggers had the opportunity to see the different graffiti rooms and suites, to get a feel of this unique boutique hotel.
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Some of the travel bloggers had to leave due to other obligations however a few of us enjoyed an amazing experience which was an Athens Limo Tour organized by SATTAS GROUP.
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Thank you everyone for coming as well as for the support that we have received. We are extremely proud of this project! I would also like to thank our extremely talented graphic designer, Nausika Georgakopoulou http://blackcatdesign.daportfolio.com/ for the logo and invitation which she has created and last but not least my favourite photographer Rania Gallianos Divajo Photography for covering the event!

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