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What To Do in Lefkada: Beaches, Attractions and Day Trips

by ElenaSergeeva

Lefkada has long been known for its stunning beaches and unparalleled relaxed vibe that emanates through every nook and cranny of the island. It’s one of the Ionian islands and is the ultimate destination for anyone looking for a relaxing break, either alone, with friends and family or with their significant other. The island boasts sprawling powdery beaches back dropped with magnificent landscapes and scenery, and has a lot of activities you can engage in so you don’t spend all your time basking under the sun. People often wonder what to do in Lefkada, and I’ve created this guide to give you a glimpse into the things you can do there. 

What to do in Lefkada: Beaches, Attractions and Day Trips

Stroll around Lefkada

The first thing you can do at Lefkada is to stroll around the actual Lefkada town and spend time taking in the lively vibe of the town. Laidback and effortless, the  town is brimming with colorful two-storied buildings, small churches and winding cobbled alleyways and much more.

You can spend some time chilling by the small harbor and the marina where you’ll find plenty of places to eat and drink. 

Spend the day at Agios Nikitas Village

Agios Nikitas is the only village at sea level on the Lefkada Island and is very easily accessible. It’s the perfect place to spend some time enjoying the tranquility and the beaches of this place. 

Agios Nikitas is a beautiful fishing village with plenty of things to do. You can spend your time indulging in gastronomical seafood delights, or checking out the beautiful Saint Nikitas’ Church.

I also recommend staying some time by the beach as you enjoy the breathtaking azure colors of the Ionian sea. If you’re more of an adventure seeker, you can always take part in water sports  by the beach!

Discover Vasiliki Town — A windsurfer’s paradise 

The small town of Vasiliki, the second largest resort is located on the south coast of Lefkada. The town has a laid back vibe in the earlier months of the summer and gets busier in July and August with windsurfers.

Vasiliki Village in Lefkada

In fact it has been recognised as one of the windsurfing capitals of Europe. Here you will find plenty of beautiful little beaches which dot the coastal road that leads from Vasiliki.

Visit the Lefkada Beaches


Egremi Beach, Lefkada

Lefkada is known famously for its beaches, and is a major beach destination. Think powdery sands lapped by ever-so-azure water, and gorgeous landscapes in the background to add to the scenery. There are plenty of beaches there, but my favorites include Porto Katsiki, Kathisma and Agios Nikitas Beach. There are plenty of others too including Egremni and Vassilliki which are of particular beauty. 

Porto katsiki is by far the most popular beach in Greece, and can easily be accessed by boat and then by descending 100 steps to reach the incredible beach backed with soaring cliffs. It’s no surprise that this beach has won awards. 

Kathisma Beach is another popular beach but is more organized than the others, meaning it is brimming with umbrellas, sun beds, a beach bar and much more.

Add to this waters that will shock you from how clear they are and you’re good to go!

Discover the wonders of Nidri Waterfalls

What to do in Lefkada

Who doesn’t love cascading waterfalls perched between lush greenery, great blue lakes and an unparalleled tranquility? Right next to the village of Nidri, the Nidri Waterfalls are the definition of a small paradise that emanate a stunning sense of serenity with their atmosphere. 

Visit the Monastery of Panagia Faneromeni

Located on a hill above town, the Monastery will take you on a journey back in time to 63 A.D.

The monastery has gone through major several disasters and survived them all, and now it works as more of a museum than a monastery. The museum has relics that were left from the monastery, along with beautiful collections documenting religious rituals, manuscripts, evolution of Christianity and much more. You’ll find everything from sculptures to items like silverware to artifacts. 

Wine Tasting at Lefkaditiki Gi Windery

All wine lovers – rejoice! For anyone visiting Lefkada, a trip to there would not be complete without visiting a local winery. This winery specifically gets its grapes from small vineyards around and it will be the perfect way to learn all about their specific wine-producing process and of course – sampling some fine wine while enjoying the Lefkada sunset. Don’t forget to bring some wine back home with you. 

Walk the Wooden Bridge

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to actually be amidst a real life fairytale? That’s what walking the mystical wooden bridge feels like. You can walk the enchanting stone bridge that dates back to the early nineties. You can always climb the bridge instead of walking down the boulders. 

Take a boat trip to Skorpios, Ithaki and Kefalonia

Frikes in Ithaca

There’s no better way to explore Lefkada and the surrounding islands such as Skorpios, Ithaki and Kefalonia — than by taking a boat trip and gliding around the waters discovering the beauty of it all. You can find all types of boat tours that will take you on different stops to the surrounding islands. You can stop at beaches to enjoy refreshing dips, walk through the centers of ancient towns, and explore gorgeous caves as well as the private island Skorpios of the late tycoon Onassis.  It’ll be a mixture of peace and relaxation and much more. 

How to get to Lefkada 

There are multiple ways you could get to Lefkada. The first being by air: 

  • The nearest airport is Preveza/Aktion National Airport and then you can take a taxi to the center for 25 minutes and the taxi fare usually costs 35€ . Visit the airport official website.
  • You can also take the ferry from Kelafonia and Ithaca. 
  • If you want to get fancy – you can take a helicopter ride!

Where to stay at Lefkada

There are a lot of great hotels you can stay at in Lefkada including:

Crystal Waters Lefkada: For those seeking a more luxurious escape, the Crystal Waters Lefkada is the ultimate choice. This elegant resort is located Located in the area of Nikiana. A total of 60 luxury suites, some with their own private pools offer guests a relaxing island retreat. 

The Secret Boutique Hotel: If you want a small, cozy, hotel that feels more like a villa instead of a hotel and is perched right in the middle of the center and is very close to the shops.  Check availability and rates here 

Sappho Boutique Suites (Vasiliki Village) – You’ll be right in the middle of nature and sea with eight luxurious suites overlooking the beauty of the Ionian sea.  Check availability and rates here 

San Nicolas Resort – This classic hotel is more contemporary and modern than the others, and boasts incredible sea views from the rooms and suits. It’s also a very short distance from the beach.  Check availability and rates here.

Revel in the beauty of Lefkada and enjoy the sapphire sea, the stunning scenery and indulge in some water activities and boat trips to top it all off.  We hope that our guide to what to do in Lefkada will help you plan your trip. 

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Looking for the perfect beach holiday in Greece? Lefkada is a paradise waiting to be discovered. Here is what to do in Lefkada and much more.

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