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Where to eat in Liptovsky Mikulas

by ElenaSergeeva

So if you find yourself in Slovakia and thinking where to eat in Liptovsky Mikulas, this post is exactly what you are looking for. I have been there, tasted all their top reviewed Tripadvisor restaurants one by one, photographed the food, so here is my experience in a nutshell of the best restaurants in Liptovsky Mikulas.

Liptovska Izba 

Liptovska Izba -3
Rated number one on Tripadvisor this restaurant is located on the main square of Liptovsky Mikulas square, it was actually only a few minutes walking distance from our hotel but it was a challenge getting a table here. Yes, indeed language can be a barrier and given the fact that this place has only like 8 tables, you have to be lucky to get to eat here. We tried to make reservations the first night, no luck so we pulled over only to be literally thrown out of the restaurant. It was around 8pm and the place was fully booked. So we had to try our luck another night, I was curious about what this number one is all about. The night before our last night in Liptovsky Mikulas we came here around 6pm, the waitress on shift was more understanding and gave away a table that was Reserved. Supposedly reservations were not happening here, but if you try to understand what the scene is you will get confused. We all had Schnitzel cooked differently, I tried the one in potato batter it was very good. We also ordered a platter with traditional Slovakia appetisers which included the dumplings with sheep cheese and sour cabbage. If you manage to get a table the food is good here.

Liptovska Izba -1

Schnitzel with potato batter, you can select the side dish of your choice

Liptovska Izba -2

Traditional platter, including dumplings with sheep cheese which is a traditional Slovakian dish

Slovenska Restaurancia 
Slovenska_Restaurant -13
We got confused getting here but it is pretty easy to find, it is right across the road from Rout 66. This restaurant serves traditional Slovakian cuisine, the service was good and the waiter spoke decent English. There are more tables here than in Liptovska Izba. We had a few starers, main courses and two desserts.  We had the potato pancake stuffed with sheep cheese. I also tried their Slovak cabbage soup with sausage.
Slovenska_Restaurant -8

Slovenska_Restaurant -2

Slovak cabbage soup with sausage

Slovenska_Restaurant -4

Potato pancake stuffed with sheep cheese

Slovenska_Restaurant -5

Traditional gnocchi filled with sheep cheese

Slovenska_Restaurant -7

Potato pancackes, cheese, chicken breast, pork meat

Slovenska_Restaurant -6

Pork medallions wit a sauce of pickled plums with creamy mushed potatoes and smoked cheese

Slovenska_Restaurant -9

Farmers plate for 2

Via Jasna
Located in a hotel, in a very close distance from the Jasna Ski Resort this place serves more international cuisine. There was a selection of meat, pasta and pizza dishes. I had a pea soup as a starter and tagliatelle with chicken and pesto. My friends had pizza and meat with  mushrooms and berry sauce. The place was busy and the service was good. The waiter also offered us a traditional drink with a cherry on top.


Pea soup


Tomato soup


Tagliatelle with chicken and pesto

Via_Jasna-3 Via_Jasna-5 Via_Jasna-6 Via_Jasna-7 Via_Jasna-8 Via_Jasna-10
Restart Burger
Restart Burger -6
Restart Burger -5
On our final night at Liptovsky Mikulas after our visit to the Tatralandia Aqua Park we were very hungry, so we opted for burgers. Restart Burger is located on a side street of the Liptovsky Mikulas square. This place has no English menu, so you just go with the flow and order a burger based on your instinct. But the burgers are definitely worth it. I had the New York one and it was excellent. We also ordered mozzarella sticks as an appetiser and they were one of the best mozzarella sticks I had so far.
Restart Burger -1 Restart Burger -2 Restart Burger -3 Restart Burger -4

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