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Working on the go! – Thoughts from the Sky

by ElenaSergeeva

As I am sitting in my current office, which is a seat on Qatar Airways for the next three hours or so till I reach Doha, on my way to attend the first TBEX Asia which will be taking place in Bangkok, Thailand — it got me thinking about the subject that has been on my mind a while now. Working on the go!
When I quit my job back in 2012 this was the exact vision that I had, I knew I wanted to create something for myself that could literally have me working anywhere in the world. Success doesn’t happen overnight, of course not. It required a lot of time, errors, constant self coaching and discipline. You know the saying, “Believe that you can and you are half way there!” Not that simple, you must work for it, hustle and never give up. It is a lonely road sometimes, the road of entrepreneurship, but it is the road that I haven’t regretted taking, not a single day.
Working on the go sounds like fun but it can also be a great challenge especially when your work requires a Wi-Fi connection and a good one. I was put to test this summer, when for work reasons I was travelling between Athens and Crete, and boy many days it wasn’t all that fun when the Wi-Fi was non existent. Yes that happens and you must be ready to face these challenges. The one point that I must stress is that in order to make things happen, whatever they are big or small, you must have discipline. Discipline is what got me through the summer, making it possible to run my online business from anywhere in the world. It is easy to get distracted, especially when you are on a beautiful Greek island and all you want to do is hit the beach, but when you have to work and meet your deadlines, then this is all that you must think of. Believe it or not, in the two months that I was on the island of Crete, I only swam twice, the rest of the time I was chasing internet connection and spending quality bonding time with my laptop. But you know what, it was all worth it in the end! Right now I am thousands of feet up in the sky, enjoying a glass of Pinot Grigio and the excellent service of Qatar Airways. I am counting my blessings because I am grateful for all my experiences, but I am even more grateful that I make things happen. I am grateful for my discipline and for my commitment.
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Last year I made a promise to myself, when I heard that the first TBEX Asia was taking place in Bangkok, I said it to myself and to my friends that I will be there, and I will be there. Stick to your commitments, stick to your goals and dreams. You can make things happen if you are dedicated to living the life of your dreams. Fail, get up and try again. The people who make things happen, are the ones that don’t give up! Be the person you want to be! It is never too late to wake up in the morning whatever day it is, and to be living the life of your dreams. By the way you can learn to love Mondays, if you are following your passion!
Would love to hear your thoughts and experiences. And hey if you are in doubt on how to take the leap, please feel free to send me your queries!

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