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5 Reasons Zakynthos will charm you

by ElenaSergeeva

Zakynthos or Zante is the third largest Greek island located in the Ioanian Sea. It has an incredible mix of retaining a quaint charm of its traditional villages, combined with the Venetian influence and the astonishing natural beauty of its beaches.  Zakynthos is also very well known for its romantic character which is defined by the songs and serenades or the kantades as the locals call them.
If you want to experience an authentic Greek holiday in a picturesque environment – here are 5 Reasons Why Zakynthos Will Charm You.

Discover our 5 Reasons Why Zakynthos Will Charm You

1. Zakynthos Beach Life 

Zakynthos is famous for its spectacular and idyllic beaches, white sand and azure waters. The ultimate indulgence is to experience Zakynthos from a private yacht charter, visit the secluded beaches and coves and make your way to the famous Shipwreck Beach (Navagio) which can only be reached by a boat.

2.  Caretta Caretta loggerhead sea turtles

Some of Zantes beaches hold great natural significance as they are a home to the rare Caretta Caretta loggerhead sea turtles which if you are lucky enough can be spotted on the beaches of Laganas and Gerakas.

3. Local delicacies 

Located in the main port area of Zakynthos or in the villages and towns around the island, are a plethora of excellent restaurants renowned for their traditional Zakynthian style-meals or exploits in fine dining.
The local Zakynthian cuisine is based on olive oil preparation in combination with strong spices and herbs. Zakynthos is famous for its ladotyri cheese which is a hard cheese produced from both goat’s and sheep’s milk and kept for long periods of time in olive oil, which gives it a delicious spicy flavour.


Local cheese ladotyri

Popular Zakynthian dishes are stifado which is a casserole-baked Greek stew prepared with meat (lamb or beef) tomatoes, pearl onions, white wine, garlic, cinnamon and oregano, and the stuffed rabbit which is a much loved local dish.

4. History in abundance 

The history of Zakynthos goes back to numerous rulers who have all left a trace of their influence on this Ionian island. After the fall of the Roman Empire and during the Byzantine domain, the island was divided into three different social classes. The ones holding great importance were the landowners. From 1492 many Venetians made Zakynthos their home which became a period of rebirth and prosperity for the island. The Venetian influence can be felt on the island till this day.
A visit to Bohali is something that you must not miss, set on a hill above the harbour, the area used to be the aristocratic district of the past. Here you will find old houses which pave the way towards what once was a Venetian castle that was destroyed by the earthquake in 1953.


Inside the church of St. Dionysos

Don’t miss visiting the impressive church of St. Dionysos which is dedicated to the protector of the island and is located on the coastal area of the main town of Zakynthos.

5. Luxury Accommodation – La Dolce Vita 

villa nikos maria-46
If you are looking for an ultimate luxury holiday in Zakynthos then a private villa or suite is your best luxury accommodation choice. La Dolce Villa, a two-storey private villa set amidst 10.000m2 of land is an ideal holiday retreat for those who are seeking a secluded island retreat.
villa nikos maria-12.2
Located in only a few minutes walk from the famous Gerakas beach, home of the Caretta Caretta loggerhead sea turtles this Venetian style villa features four bedrooms, a well maintained garden with a private forrest and a secluded rocky beach.
villa nikos maria-37
For lovers of contemporary design you might like to check out the latest addition to the “Dolce” Collection, the Dolce Luxury Suites. A complex of three luxury-suites villas located just 50 meters from a small, secluded sandy beach of Psarou on the north coast of Zante will provide you with a unique holiday experience. Each suite has its own private pool and can accommodate up to 7 guests. The complex is an ideal choice for big families or a group of friends.
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