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Learjet 35 with ABI to Santorini – Flying In Style

by ElenaSergeeva

Flying with a private Learjet 35 has been my most amazing experience so far. Thanks to Air Business International I can now cross off – flying with a private jet from my bucket list, but to be honest I don’t know how I will be able to fly any other way from now on. The whole experience was priceless and words are too little to describe the actual experience.


My morning started off at the General Aviation Facility which is a private jet terminal at the Athens International Airport. Here, queues don’t exists instead a private waiting area with leather sofas and a small bar area. Forget the check-in hassle; this is a different world where everything is seamless. We were met by our captain and the ground handling agent and were transferred with a private mini van to our Learjet. I honestly couldn’t believe how lucky I was to be able to fly private and to also visit Santorini for the first time. A bucket list experience and a bucket list destination all in one day.


As I got comfortable in the white leather backseat and buckled up with the shiny, gold-plated seatbelt buckles I was ready to experience flying in style! Take off was so smooth and although it was windy in Athens the night before, the sky was perfectly clear making the flight as pleasant as one could possibly ask for.


Landing was equally excellent and only 30 minutes later we had arrived at our destination, Santorini. A whole private bus pulled up in front of the jet to take us to arrivals area, VIP treatment all the way.


Santorini was buzzing with tourists and honeymooners from all corners of the world. I knew it was beautiful, no doubt about that, but actually seeing the island in person made me comprehend the actual unfolding beauty that was right in front of my eyes and why literally the whole world is dreaming of visiting this place.




View from Thira

Santorini is unique and it did capture my heart. A glimpse of what the island has to offer and the picturesque surroundings of Oia, the whitewashed houses, cobbled streets and the endless blue made me want to come back here, soon, real soon in order to explore the island in greater depth and to get a little more personal.




A beautiful day spent on the island and after a delicious dinner with dear friends at Argo restaurant that I will tell you all about in a separate post, it was time to fly back to Athens.


View from Santorini Grace hotel in Imerovigli

The evening flight was equally exciting; the bright lights of Athens were waiting for us to return. Than you Air Business International for making a dream come true. Want to visit Santorini off season, check out this post Santorini in winter.


P.S. An insider tip from me to you, learn all about the empty leg option and watch out for the special deals on traveling in style.

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